Non-Linear/Non-Local Effects?

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The Easter, 2008 Photos

Easter, 2008 - One of several children whose images
appeared on Nancy's Pentax.

During Easter, 2008 I was able to spend a few weeks with Robbert once again. The images he is currently getting of people (on various cameras) are often now much clearer generally and often in color. In this section I am using only those images which appeared on my own Pentax digital camera--with me standing right with Robbert--the camera always set in the "auto" mode.

Shortly after I arrived and about a week before Easter Robbert and I began staying up nearly all night, as is our custom, but because of the cold spent most of the time inside. At first many photos showed the overall ambient light in the living room to be more amber-colored (or in some cases much darker) than was really the case. A new anomaly (multiple light-rings over a Buddha's head statue in the room) appeared for awhile, then nothing strange other than the darker/more yellowed color or fuzzed focusing of shots which otherwise showed nothing abnormal. Then the figure of a man appeared--for some reason I thought he was a fisherman, although Robbert thought maybe he was a farmer.

As has always been the case so far, the flash did not fire when this image of a human appeared in the photos--in this case it also did not fire in any of the images where the ambient room light appears much darker and/or more yellow than it really was, even in those in which no figure appears at all.

In this first series, below, I am including the shots on the original disc (made from the camera chip while I was still in Holland) and then the same shot taken off a copy disc I had made a few weeks later in the States on which--for some reason--the images are much lighter than on the Dutch disc. Nothing has been done to any of the photos (no photoshop), but the figures are easier to see in the U.S. copy-disc versions.

Shot of Nancy showing abnormal darkening & yellowing of
ambient light, just prior to first "apparition" image.
(Top=Dutch disc, Bottom=U.S. copy disc.)

First appearance of "fisherman/farmer" (top=Dutch disc, bottom=U.S. disc).
Flash did not fire in any of these shots.

After multiple shots showing only unusual darkness and yellowing of overall color,
"fisherman/farmer" reappears. (Top=original disc, bottom=copy disc.)

Last image of "fisherman/farmer," taken almost 13 minutes after he first
appeared (top=original disc, bottom=copy disc).

A few nights after these photos were taken the images of several different children began to appear--the first time, to my knowledge, that multiple children have appeared during one of Robbert's photo sessions. Again, the original disc made from the camera chip in Holland shows the children's images as much darker than those on the copy disc I had made here in the States. I'll show one or two examples of the Holland disc images compared to the copy disc images, but then will use images from the U.S. copy disc primarily--which have not been altered in any way unless noted in the photo caption--because the images are brighter.

Boy on Holland disc (top) & same photo with "auto levels" applied (bottom).
First of 10 images of boy in living room.

Same image of boy (first in the series) taken from U.S. copy disc;
nothing done to image at all.

In second image of boy on Holland disc (top) he is only barely visible,
even with "auto levels" adjustment applied (bottom).

Same image (boy #2) taken from U.S. copy-disc; no alterations
of any kind to photo.

Two more images of the boy taken in Robbert's living room. Note that
inaccurate yellowish ambient light is still present.

In most of the 10 photos of this boy taken in the living room, he
appeared only when Robbert aimed the camera toward
this corner of the room.

Two images of this same boy did also appear in Robbert's office. Entire
"boy" episode lasted 40 minutes 29 seconds.

On this same night, almost immediately after this boy's image had stopped occurring, Robbert turned to me and said that he had been seeing a "little man." I was standing right next to him at the time and I thought he meant that this "little man" was an image he had been seeing in his "mind's eye" at some time in the past--but when he took the next photo both of us jumped as the image, below, appeared on the LED screen.

Robbert exclaimed that this was exactly the "little man" he had been "seeing" and I realized again that (because of our language differences) I don't always understand his precise meaning. The "little man" then appeared on multiple photos over the next 5-10 minutes.

As this image appeared Robbert, with surprise in his voice, said this
was exactly the "little man" he had been "seeing."

Two more of the 8 images of this "little man" which appeared in the
next few minutes. Room color is incorrect & flash
did not fire.

First image of a woman with an umbrella, which began appearing immediately after
the "little man." (Top image=U.S.copy disc, bottom image=Dutch disc.)

The "Umbrella Woman" appeared in 14 consecutive shots, sometimes
fuzzed and indistinct, sometimes smaller.

In this shot the entire room seems out of focus and the woman's umbrella
has changed or disappeared.

In most of the photos the woman's face seems to be looking toward the
camera--but in this last one she seems to be looking away.

The last image to appear that night was another child, this time a little girl. At first she also appeared in the same area of Robbert's office as the "Umbrella Woman," in front of the curtains, and was indistinct. But then Robbert felt the "energy" move to another part of the room and several much clearer images appeared as he aimed the camera toward the door.

One of the first photos of the little girl. Top photo is from copy disc made
in Holland, bottom image is from U.S. copy disc.

The clearest image of little girl. Top photo is from Holland disc, bottom photo
is same image, but from U.S. copy disc.

Again, top image if from Holland disc, bottom is from U.S. disc. Note that
door handle seems to be in front of girl's arm.

One of the clearest images of the little girl,
cropped & enlarged.

In August, 2009 Robbert and I were sitting in the living room one night and I realized that no images of people had appeared on my camera during this visit. I asked if images of people did still appear sometimes and Robbert said that, particularly when he is doing "readings" for clients and--most often if the clients were asking about deceased relatives--they were still appearing.

Our conversation changed to something else but a few minutes later Robbert picked up my camera (which had been sitting on the coffee table in front of us) and took one shot, with the camera aimed directly at me--and this little child's face appeared. I was sitting only a few feet away from Robbert, on the sofa immediately behind where the child's face appeared, and I could clearly see Robbert...and nothing but "air" between the camera lens and me.

August, 2009 - Child's face appeared on photo taken with my camera shortly
after I asked if images of people still appeared in Robbert's photos.

As was pointed out in Part 1 of this report people in various cultures around the world not only witness the appearance of deceased loved-ones from time to time--even now in the 21st century--but many consider such experiences both reasonable and comforting. Reports of a wide range of other strange incidents are also on the increase, events often labeled differently but all thought by much of the public to belong to the realm of the "paranormal."

Personally I suspect that much of what we currently think of as "high strangeness" is really more likely an indicator of our ignorance, specifically our lack of knowledge regarding the precise nature of what we call "consciousness."

Authors Dr. Robert Lanza (M.D.), and Bob Berman, in their recent book Biocentrism, argue against one of the key tenets of Western thinking--the idea that all life ultimately reduces to physics. Instead they argue that "life and consciousness [emphasis added]are the keys to understanding the true nature of the universe."

In their chapter on the "Mystery of Consciousness" they point out that many physicists are well aware that, in their attempts to uncover the secrets of consciousness, "physics ... is in over its head." [Emphasis added.] And further that this fact is "for current science, such an extremely fustrating predicament that few [physicists] bother taking any first steps" (p. 174).

John R. Violette's Extra-Dimensional Universe: Where the Paranormal Becomes the Normal proposes a new framework of space, time and consciousness, stating that:

"...millions of ordinary experiencing [paranormal events] at some point in their lives. Yet because there is no accepted scientific theory to explain the paranormal, the events-- and the people who report them--are ridiculed and dismissed. The problem isn't the people, it's the science." [Emphasis added.]

Violette goes on to say:

"While some cutting-edge researchers and quantum physicists are speculating more frequently that these experiences are caused by something beyond our world--some kind of higher dimensional reality--any proposed extra-dimensional theories put forth thus far have lacked one key ingredient--expanded consciousness."  [Emphasis added.]


When it comes to trying to understand Robbert van den Broeke and the truly amazing events which are constantly occurring around him it is precisely this possibility--that Robbert may be imbued with an expanded consciousnes--that fits most reasonably my many years of direct observation of these events. And that with this remarkable sensitivity comes his ability to not only perceive, but to interact with, what may very well be multiple currently unknown aspects of consciousness or some other as yet unknown force(s) of Nature not evident (at least on a regular basis) to most of the rest of us.

And the facts seem to indicate that the crop circle phenomenon itself is also related to this new model of reality, one not yet very well-developed but nonetheless consistently emerging and somewhat relentlessly pushing us toward its recognition.


"I think the universe is very deep and unfathomable,
and where there is an open mind, there will always
be a frontier."
                                --Dr. Beverly Rubik

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