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In August, 2011 Robbert left Hoeven and moved into his own apartment where anomalous events continue to occur. With help from friends and a few technical professionals his own web-site is beginning to take shape ( and the taping of interviews with some of Robbert's clients by The Netherlands' TV personality Sandra Reemer has begun. These interviews with people who have come to Robbert for "readings" and/or "healings" are my favorite part of Robbert's website so far, because we get to hear some of his clients recount their various experiences with Robbert in their own words. These reports (currently only in Dutch) are both intriguing and quite varied, and as soon as possible English sub-titles or over-dubs will be added to as many as possible.

Whle waiting for some of the English translations to be added I thought it would be helpful to write up, in English, a few of the events which have occurred this Spring since they are similar to many of the reports which are still available only in Dutch.

The first incident involves Dutch crop circle enthusiast, Janet Ossebaard, who has written several articles about Robbert for Dutch magazines ( On February 25, 2012 she and a friend Alex had an appointment with Robbert to go over an article she was writing about Robbert for a Dutch magazine. That afternoon, before their arrival, Robbert became aware of a strong "presence" and felt (as he so often does) he should take some photos. At the time he thought the energetic "presence" (and therefore the images which appeared on the camera) might be related to either Janet or Alex...but he wasn't sure about this. Robbert's friend Stan was with him while he took all of these images.

On February 25th over a 17-1/2 minute time-period (an hour or so prior to the arrival of Janet and Alex), using his Sony DSC W-170 digital camera, Robbert took 29 photos, the first four of which show a very distinctive type of mushroom, an "Amanita muscaria" or "fly agaric," which is toxic and also hallucinogenic.

First photo in series, taken at 14:14:50 on Feb.25th. Correct time
is registered in photo's "file info" section, but date-stamp
says June 1, 2012.

Next two fungi photos show what look like "light rays" emanating from,
or being drawn down to mushroom.

Last of fungi photos, taken at 14:15:09--all date-stamps
indicate June 1, 2012. (All photos are originals
some cropped only.)

File photo of 3 growth stages of
Amanita muscaria.

The mushrooms were immediately followed by thirteen "flower" photos, five of which appear to be of a wild (rather than a cultivar) orchid, the last eight all-white images possibly representing a rose?

First orchid photo taken at 14:17:28. Again time-stamp in "file info"
is correct, but date indicates June 1, 2012.

Orchid #2, taken 8 seconds later.

Orchid #4. Top photo = original (slightly cropped),
bottom photo with "autofix" applied.

Final orchid (with contrast change), taken at 14:17:52. All orchid
photos taken within 24 seconds, all show date as June 1, 2012.

By the time Janet and Alex arrived Robbert felt that the images were most likely related to Janet, but he still was not sure of this. Curious, he showed the images to both of his visitors as soon as they arrived. Janet had informed Robbert some years earlier that her father had died but Robbert had never met him (the father had lived in a different area of The Netherlands) and knew only that Janet and her father had been close.

You can imagine Janet's shock when upon seeing Robbert's photos she immediately recognized a connection between the images and her father -- who had been a "nature lover" with a serious avocational interest in mushrooms. In fact he had collaborated on a book about fungi and had an archive of thousands of fungi photographs, many of which were printed in various publications.

In addition Janet had been sending beautiful "orchids" to her parents (a wild variety since she and her parents don't care for the highly-cultivated orchids) on the anniversary of their wedding day for many years. But this past wedding anniversary (February 4, 2012) Janet decided to send her mother something different -- this year a bouquet of white roses.

Curiously, immediately following the orchid photos a different, completely white, image had appeared repeatedly which (in at least some of the images) looked like it could be a rose.

Most of the "rose" photos are hard to identify.

"Rose" photos #5 (top) and #6 (bottom) taken only
1 second apart.

"Rose" #7 look most like the flower. All "rose" photos also
dated incorrectly, again as June 1, 2012.

But this whole series of photos taken on February 25, 2012 -- and their apparent connection to Janet's father -- gets even stranger. The final 12 images contain 6 photos of what looks like a typical road sign with the words "de Drome" on it, followed by 6 outdoor landscape scenes.

These last images -- those of the "de Drome" road sign and the landscape images -- were even more startling to Janet, since her parents had in fact visited this area of southern France during their last holidays together.

All six of the "de Drome" road sign photos were taken with 2 minutes and 11 seconds (between 14:25:21 and 14:27:32). All photos are the originals unless labeled as having had "autofix" applied by me to clarify something and none have been cropped at all. And, as with the previous photos, all were taken on February 25, 2012 in spite of the fact that each photo's "file info" section indicates the date as having been June 1, 2012.

As with all previous photos, each of the "de Drome" sign images is dated in
their "file info" sections as having been taken on June 1, 2012.

Although Robbert does now have a computer his expertise is very limited -- and it
does not have Photoshop or any similar software on it.

Robbert's friend Stan was watching Robbert as he took these photos
& saw the images himself immediately afterward.

The last of the "de Drome" sign photos, all taken over 2 minutes, 11 seconds.
None of these images has been cropped.

We have known for several years that many of the anomalous photos which appear on whatever camera Robbert is using are similar to images which already exist in printed form or somewhere on the internet. And since there are now hundreds of these eyewitnesses who have watched Robbert as he takes anomalous photos -- many of whom Robbert has never met but who have handed him their cameras when they run into him out in crop circle fields -- we are certain the photos are genuine...a fact which makes us all wonder if the "Akashic Record" or something akin to it may actually exist?

Is this "energy" Robbert always perceives when such photos are occurring a consciousness of some kind? Is it possible that it is "easier" for this consciousness to utilize images which already exist in our physical realm to communicate whatever point is intended? Regarding the hundreds of "apparition" photos ( taken by Robbert over the years, if the face which has appeared on the camera represents someone who is deceased -- and the point is to have that particular individual recognized -- utilizing a previously existing image might be both expedient and logical.

Although we haven't been able to find previously existing "de Drome" sign photos, a number of landscape images appeared immediately after the "sign" photos which we have found on the Internet. Here are a few of these, all apparently images of the "Drome" area of France.

Landscape #1 (taken on February 25, 2012 @ 14.30.07) certainly looks
like it is derived from this Internet photo.

Landscapes #2 and #3 seem to be low-flying "aerial" views
of the same area.

Landscape #4 again seems to be related to the Internet photo.

Robbert's photo (top) shows a moire pattern, suggesting image is derived from
a print source. However, the pattern doesn't extend into the photo's corners.

Moire patterns have appeared in a few other photos taken by Robbert and it is known that these are likely to occur when a previously printed image is re-printed in another format. However, in all of the instances we have of moire patterns occurring so far they cover only a part of Robbert's photo -- never the entire frame. And, since the other images in which such a pattern has appeared were all taken out in fields, with Robbert using other people's cameras (and with no computers present), we cannot explain how this can occur.

The fact that all of these images relate directly to Janet's father, whom Robbert had never met and knew nothing about other than that he was deceased, is phenomenal enough in itself. But perhaps more thought-provoking is the fact that, although Robbert took all of these photos on February 25, 2012, the "file info" section on each photo shows that the camera dated them as having been taken on June 1, 2012. And it was on June 1, 2006 that Janet's father had died.

A check of photos taken by Robbert with this same camera just prior to this series and a few shots taken later that afternoon (all normal) revealed that the camera had correctly registered both the accurate time and date on all of these photos.

In our last report ( multiple incidents of either an actual "time aberration" or at the very least an effect on the normal operation of whatever camera Robbert is using when these "energies" are present were outlined. As previously discussed the supposedly automatically registered numbering on individual photos often skips some numbers altogether and/or the time-stamps on individual photos may be just totally off. In this case the inaccuracies are even stranger since the date-stamp is not only incorrect, the error reflects the correct month and date of the death of the individual apparently related to these photos.


Marij van Dam, a Dutch woman who is known as a "spiritual therapist" in the Netherlands, first met Robbert when he was only 15 years old. At the time she was living in Hoeven and had seen a newspaper article about the crop circles and Robbert's fore-knowledge of their occurrences and, so, made an appointment with him to discuss the circles and the other strange events which had already begun to occur around Robbert with some regularity.

They became friends and she did what she could to help Robbert cope with some of the social isolation associated with his situation, telling me that she realized Robbert was "very special, incredible" during her first meeting with him. Some years later she and her husband moved from Hoeven, but she stayed in touch with Robbert, visiting him in Hoeven from time to time.

Marij's birth family -- Vincent in the
center of top row.

Marij (whose family name was Buil) suffered a tragedy at the age of 11 when her favorite brother Vincent, only 13 years old at the time, was struck by a car and killed on April 1, 1962. Vincent had liked to draw and shortly before his untimely demise had drawn a picture of what Marij described to me as a "buzzard," but which looks more like a juvenile eagle (the hooked beak in Vincent's drawing is like an eagle's and young eagles' have brown plumage).

Since Vincent's death she has remained fond of birds, and continues to associate the memory of her brother with this particular image -- she said she thinks of him as a "falcon."

Vincent Buil's "buzzard," drawn shortly before
his death 50 years ago.

Not having seen Robbert in some time she had called to see when she might make an appointment to visit him again. She wanted to know if Robbert would do "readings" for two of her friends, whose photos she planned to bring with her. By coincidence the date set for her appointment with Robbert was on Good Friday, April 1st.

Because Robbert doesn't drive she picked him up during the afternoon and they rode together out to the fields, talking about the on-going saga of the crop circles and other events in both their lives -- and then drove to McDonalds to pick up dinner to enjoy back at Marij's hotel. During dinner she brought out the photos of her friends and Robbert did the "readings" as requested (using the photos). Marij also asked for some guidance in regards to her son, which Robbert was able to provide.

April 1, 2012 - Robbert conducting "readings" of Marij van Dam's
friends from photos she provided.

Neither Marij nor Robbert were discussing Vincent during this visit and, as it was late when the "readings" were completed, they prepared for Marij to drive Robbert home. As they were leaving the room (at about 12:30 am) Robbert suddenly became aware of the very strong presence of Vincent around him and he asked Marij if she wanted him to take some photos. Marij got her camera (a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W310) and handed it to Robbert, standing right with him as he took just a few shots -- on the first of which appeared this image of a magnificent young eagle.

Juvenile eagle photographed by Robbert with Marij's camera 50 years after her
brother Vincent's death (original=top, cropped=bottom).


Only a few evenings later (Good Friday, April 6th) Robbert and I were on SKYPE, as we often are. Except during my first visit to his home 14 years ago, it has only been recently that I have begun to experience again the same strange "tingling" sensation that Robbert apparently always does when something unusual is going on -- but on the night of April 6-7th while talking with Robbert on SKYPE I felt this sensation becoming very strong as we talked. The whole top of my head was tingling in the same way my upper body had during that first visit to Robbert's house in the late 1990s. Robbert's friend Stan was with him that night and he felt it also -- all three of us sensed that something was "getting ready" to happen.

Around 12 midnight in Holland Robbert asked if he could SKYPE me back in a few minutes, to which I said "yes," knowing I might hear from him again that night or -- just as likely -- I might not. After waiting for an hour or two I closed down the computer, wondering if there would be something interesting from Robbert the next time I turned the computer back on.

As many times as I have experienced strange things with Robbert I never would have imagined the image that appeared on his camera that night. Neither of us adhere to any traditional religion but we do understand the important role formal religious practice plays in many people's lives. And both of us do believe in a "greater" creative principle or force, in spite of the fact we are not church-goers.

April 7, 2012 @ 12:48am (original, slightly cropped). Digital camera
set on a tripod w/automatic timer -- with Stan watching
as the photo was taken.

After hanging up Robbert had felt the "energy" we were experiencing while on SKYPE intensify and he got the "message" again that there is only one consciousness, one loving, compassionate Source -- and that we all come from it and are all part of it. He put the digital camera on a tripod, set the timer, and then stood in front of the lens and "focussed on the energy" as the camera took one photo.

Symbols for 9 religions (and 3 planets or solar systems?), as well
as a white heart (with what Robbert thinks is the "earth"
inside it) appear on the photo.

I've added the names of the various faiths associated with each of the symbols which appeared in this photo and Stan (who was present and watching Robbert as this photo was taken) translated into English for me more of the "message" that Robbert "heard" as this photo was taken:

"We all came out of the same loving Source...and it doesn't matter how you call it. People may choose for themselves whatever name they like and they must not fight about it.

The message is also that a new consciousness is arising in people so each can experience the Source in themselves, so each of us can develop a personal intimacy with this most deep, most truthful, essence. As this relationship develops everyone will know that this great "energy" does not punish...and we must learn forgiveness so we can live together in peace."

Over the years a number of crop circle "patterns" which have appeared in England and other countries look like symbols associated with one formal religion or another (in spite of the fact that many "croppies" don't follow any formal religious practice). The most common such symbol to appear in Dutch crop circles (Holland is a primarily Catholic country) has been the Christian Cross.

Another symbol which has, so far as I know, appeared only once in a crop circle context occurred in 1995 at Telegraph Hill, Winchester (UK) next to a more "typical" crop formation in barley. The very wide ring and circles had occurred first and displayed a beautiful undulating lay in the flattened crop -- but it was the Sanskrit "Om" symbol which appeared several days later which really triggered my curiosity.

Large Sanskrit "Om" sign appeared several days after the 120 ft.+ diameter
primary formation. Photo: Lucy Pringle

The plants in the center circle of the primary formation (placed on a steep hillside)
were swirled radially into a perfect "S." Photo: Steve Alexander

The 2012 crop circle season has begun and, as of this writing, there are 6 formations in Holland already. Photos of Dutch crop circles are posted in both the Crop Circle Connector's "World" section and on Robbert's new web-site:

Other in-depth reports (in English) discussing the recurring phenomenal events which occur in conjunction with Robbert and/or in the circles which appear in his vicinity can be found on the BLT page devoted to Robbert's case: (multiple individual reports are listed at the bottom, following the introduction).

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the
consequences of avoiding reality."
- Ayn Rand