Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

First crop formation in Holland in 2011 occurred at about 12:15am
on Easter Sunday, 4/24/11, near Bosschenhoofd.
Photo: Roy Boschman



Just after 12 midnight on Easter Sunday,
April 24, 2011
Near Bosschenhoofd, Holland
Robbert v/d Broeke & Ellen Gomis
Roy Boschman
A 24m long, 18-circle formation; the 2 largest
circles measured 3m each in diameter, the
smallest 0.7m.

As has frequently occurred in the past, the first crop circles of the year in The Netherlands have appeared around Easter. In 2011 Robbert v/d Broeke began having strong intuitions that a formation would soon appear and on Thursday, April 21st, he went out on his motor-bike looking in fields where circles have appeared in the past. He reports that he was thinking about the meaning of Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus and feeling "very strong" sensations of a loving presence. But he found no circle that night.

On Good Friday (April 22nd) Robbert again sensed a very clear presence -- but this time he felt it was the energy of the Catholic friar Saint Francis of Assisi, generally known as the Patron Saint of Animals (and also of the environment). That night Robbert and his mother (who is also quite intuitive) both felt an urgent need to go to the fields and Mrs. v/d Broeke decided to bring Robbert's camera with them as they drove to Robbert's "special" field. They found no new crop circles and the photos that Robbert took while at the "special" field were all completely normal.

But later that night, after Robbert and Mrs. v/d Broeke had returned home, Robbert continued to sense the "energy" of St. Francis and began taking photos again. Immediately a clear image of a man's face appeared in one photo, followed by several faint images of what looks like a figure in a monk's habit. Then multiple images of various small "animals" began to appear. Robbert feels strongly that the "energy" he sensed while taking these photos was that of St. Francis of Assisi.

The clear face of a man and several photos of a "monk-like"
figure appeared on Good Friday night (photos are the
originals, but cropped).

A feline image also appeared (original photo w/contrast enhanced).

Small bird called a "red breast" appeared several times.

Many images of a duck appeared too; here an untouched original.

On the following night (Saturday, April 23rd) the strong "nervous" energy Robbert has learned indicates the imminent appearance of a new crop circle began building, becoming so intense that by 11:30pm or so he was impelled to call a neighbor, Mrs. Ellen Gomis, to ask if she would take him to the fields near Bosschenhoofd. [The same area as the "Woodenhead" field where in 2007 crop circles, in conjunction with other amazing events, took place:].

Arriving shortly after 12:00 midnight with Ellen, Robbert immediately saw a "white energy" (like a white/slightly yellow "aura") over one of the fields and knew that was where the formation would be. As Robbert walked into the field he said he again immediately felt the "presence" of Saint Francis along with the clear message that "people are not greater than the animals" and that we are mistaken if we think animals do not have many feelings similar to our own.

Early on Easter morning Roy Boschman arrived at the field to examine and photograph this lovely fresh formation only hours after it had appeared. His diagram and some of his photos appear below.

The Easter Sunday, 2011 crop formation at Bosschenhoofd.
Diagram: Roy Boschman

Arrows point to other areas of the field where the grass has been randomly
flattened, something often observed near genuine circles.

The two largest circles measured 3m each in diameter and both showed a soft,
flowing lay with slightly off-center centers.

The "flower" feature near the center of the formation & the
7 smallest circles (0.7m=the smallest).

Close-up of one of the small circles showing beautiful center and
soft swirling lay typical of genuine crop circles.

"Flower" feature from another angle. Slightly off-center "centers"
were present in most circles in the formation.

There was another unique event connected to this lovely 2011 Easter formation. On Easter night Robbert and I were on the phone and he was telling me about the "message" he had so clearly felt on Good Friday and earlier that day while at the circle field -- the strong "energy" of St. Francis of Assisi and the "little animals" which he was continuing to feel now at home. He also told me about the "monk" figure and the "little animals" which had appeared on his camera on the night of Good Friday.

But Robbert's father had already removed the photos taken Good Friday from Robbert's camera chip and so Robbert had no way to let me see them. Since by now it was 1:30am in Holland and Robbert's parents were asleep he decided (for the very first time, so far as I am aware) to ask if it was possible that the "energies" he so regularly perceives around him might this time allow him to take the same photos that he could share them with me immediately?

To his astonishment, and mine, many of the images which had appeared on Good Friday immediately began to appear again.

Best of the "monk" photos to occur late Easter night.
Photo cropped & contrast added.

One of the light ball photos which also occurred (photo has
been cropped only).

The "red breast" appeared again (here the original photo has
been cropped & "auto levels" applied.)

Original (fairly dark) untouched "red breast" photo.

The duck reappeared also many times. Original untouched photo (top);
& with contrast added (bottom).

A "Chihuahua Bunny" (my favorite) appeared in early morning of April 25th.
Original untouched photo (top) & with contrast added (bottom).

In the past Robbert has felt that some crop circles appeared for a specific reason: he has said that some have occurred in specific locations to "help heal" the earth; on other occasions he has felt that the circles were "for the public" (meaning that they were intended for the public to visit and experience). But the idea that every circle has some specific purpose or "message" does not seem to be the case generally.

The fact that this first Dutch crop formation of 2011 (and a 2nd one, referred to below) both "feel" to Robbert to be connected to St. Francis is unusual. Robbert is telling me repeatedly that these particular formations are related somehow to the fact that all people, and all animals -- all living things -- are of equal significance in the spiritual realm. He is clearly convinced that this "message" is of great importance and he must say these words to the public.

And I -- if I am to report fully and truthfully the amazing array of events which continually occur around Robbert (and have been for 17 years now, many personally witnessed by myself) -- must then report not only the physical presence of the actual circles and the known circumstances surrounding their appearance, but also Robbert's impressions regarding their "meaning" or "purpose" for you to read. It is, of course, up to the reader to decide how to interpret Robbert's understandings for themselves.


Within days the Easter formation was followed by another set of circles which appeared on April 28th, also in grasses and also felt by Robbert to be associated with St. Francis, near a Nature Preserve in Hoeven -- but with one very special circle which was seen by both Mrs. Gomis and Robbert to emit a soft white light emanating from within that circle, causing it to "glow" steadily and continuously for more than 10 minutes.

Soil and plant sampling were carried out on this second formation in order to look for any chemical presence which might explain the light emanating from that one circle. A full report will be posted on when the lab work is completed: