13-sheffieldblogSheffield, MASS - Early-Sept, 2013  (Field Corn) Found at harvest Sept.25th, an approx. 6′-wide bare oval spot inside a 33′-long oval of flattened maize w/4 pathways “like a cross” extending precisely E/W & N/S away from oval. Southern path cut (arrow) by harvester. Exact field over which farmer & sister saw “greenish 1/2-moon shaped 12′ diameter UFO” in 1986. Multiple EM disturbances ongoing on farm.

5-13-13-graytnaerialblogGray, TENNESSEE -   May 13, 2013   (hayfield) In N/E Tennessee (nr.Johnson City, just S.of VA border), 140′-long circle w/2 “half-moons,” each encircling small circles & connected by path–reported as showing no footsteps/tracks into field when found. In same town a “40-50 lb” chunk of white “meteor ice” fell 3 days earlier–creating a 1-2 ft. diam., 4-6 inch deep crater. (??)

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