4-26-05riversidemo-blogRiverside, MISSOURI - April 26, 2005  (winter wheat)
One section of “land art” (a 300 ft.long “bull’s eye” design) created to celebrate the completion of a new levee along this section of the Missouri River floodplain. This design was created by cutting the crop (not flattening it, as in authentic crop circles) & suggests the degree to which the circle phenomenon intrigues the public.

5-05-njmanmade-bacardibatblogSomewhere in NEW JERSEY -  May, 2005  (crop unknown)
When large commercial entities choose to advertise their product by creating a “crop circle” — in this case the Baccardi “bat” made by removing the plants altogether (or perhaps not planting them in the design area in the first place) — we again see a clear indication of the public’s interest in the genuine phenomenon.

6-15-05greenmtnc-blogHorton Hill (Green Mt.), NORTH CAROLINA - June 11, 2005  (Hay)
A lovely 176 ft. diameter circle with a generally counter-clockwise lay (but with a distinct radial splay in one section).  First formation reported to BLT in the Blue Ridge area.  Not in field at 8:30 pm the night before, no tracks seen into circle next morning; lay reported very “tight” to ground when first found.

nophoto-blog2Yancey Cty, NORTH CAROLINA - mid-June, 2005  (field grass)
A “dumb-bell” formation w/two approx. 20 ft. diameter circles connected by a flattened path. Found way up a “holler” a few days after, and just across the mountain from, the Horton Hill circle.  Car wouldn’t start after 2 men who found circle had cut the field.  A “strangely mesmerized” cat was observed nearby.

6-22-05-buncombectync-blogBuncombe Cty, NORTH CAROLINA - June 22, 2005  (hay)
A 65 ft. center circle w/three 4-5 ft. diam. circles abutting perimeter. Center circle had a lovely soft, “S”-shaped spiral lay & small circles had triangular-shaped “burned” area in centers.  Landowners reported no sign of entry, “brilliant” aerial light phenomena & dogs going “crazy” night prior to (and also 1 month before) their discovery of circle.

05-weavervillenc-blogWeaverville, NORTH CAROLINA - June 22, 2005  (field grass)
A slightly elliptical (53′2″ x 57.3″) circle flattened clockwise but w/counter-clockwise lay along one edge section. Lay is unusual, beginning at edge of circle, spiraling into the 3 ft. oval center. Two “tracks” went under and then around the circle (one flowing into, the other out) & these may have been part of the formation.

7-5-05-herringboneblogGreene County, OHIO -  July 5, 2005  (wheat)
The most unique cropcircle (??) yet reported in the USA.  An approx. 44 ft. x 35 ft. rectangular area of flattened wheat, interwoven into an intricate “herringbone weave” pattern. Discovered the same day as neighbors observed an aerial object “flickering” on and off for 20 minutes nearby (http://www.bltresearch.com/labreports/ohio.php).

05-grangevilleid-blogGrangeville, IDAHO -  July 23, 2005  (wheat)
A long line of 10 somewhat irregularly-flattened, but mostly circular, areas in 3 ft. tall, densely planted wheat.  One large irregularly-downed area was followed by 8 ft.-2 ft. circles, decreasing in diameter as fieldworker proceeded into field. No expulsion cavities & no visibly elongated nodes. Local opinion suggested “dust devils” as cause.

8-18comaze-blogJohnstown, COLORADO -  August 18, 2005  (corn/maize)
A maize MAZE (not a crop circle) created for tourists. Farmers in many areas of the U.S. create these every summer to amuse visitors whom they hope to encourage to visit their farm stands. Most such mazes are created by not planting the corn in certain areas, thus producing the maze when the crop matures.

8-19-05-grand-forksnd-blogGrand Forks, NORTH DAKOTA -  August 19, 2005  (wheat)
A classic 5-circle “thought bubble,” this one accompanied by a strip of randomly-downed crop (right foreground).  Power-surges widely reported in area night before. Apical (top) node-elongation found in circle plants, but even greater node change in randomly-downed strip. Circle seeds weighed significantly less than controls.

8-21-05-coles-ctyilradialblogCharleston (Coles Cty), ILLINOIS - August 21, 2005  (corn/maize)
Two of the most interesting circles in corn yet found.  Both the larger (75 ft.) & the smaller (20 ft.) circles contained a rare radial lay (plants laid from the center directly out to the edges). Additionally, the larger circle had a downed ring around the perimeter, laid underneath the radially-laid corn–and this ring was laid in two directions.

05-mtredlensflare-blog1Kalispell, MONTANA -  August, 2005  (wheat)
Finally, a truly spectacular red lens flare photographed at a very large field of randomly-downed wheat found in an area that has had several very interesting geometric crop formations in previous years–one of which occurred in this exact field.

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