7-23-09wilburwa-blogWilbur (Lincoln Cty)
N - July 23, 2009  (wheat)
First “geometric” crop circle reported in U.S. in 2009, found on farm not far from 2007 Wilbur formation. This one consists of 5 rings (largest approx.120 ft. diam.) & 1 circle in “ripe” wheat.  Seattle Times says farmer saw no tracks through wheat or footprints in soil in-between the rows. [Straight path to large ring mowed by farmer.]

5grassringnjMt. Laurel, NEW JERSEY - July 7, 2009  (lawn grass)
Several approximately 2 ft-wide flattened rings (overall diams. about 12 ft) found in suburban lawn.  The 2-3 inch tall grass was flattened radially, laid from the inside edge of the ring out to the perimeter edge. At first we suspected fungal growth, but malfunction of the under-ground sprinkler system was eventually found to be the cause.

21-dublinoh-blog1Dublin, OHIO -  June 21, 2009  (oats)
Large area (”longer than a football field”) of randomly-downed crop in 100-acre field. Plants are all flattened in same direction, but a very fluid,  ”undulating,” flow is noted, as well as multiple standing tufts–characteristics often associated with “geometric” crop formations. More info:  http://www.bltresearch.com/otherfacts.php#nongeom.

woodstockvt-blog4Woodstock, VERMONT -  May 29, 2009 (hayfield)
Small hayfield w/randomly-downed sections throughout.  Plant lay is very fluid, w/elongation of nodes & multiple standing tufts. Ridges have formed where lay intersects (photo). Flattened grasses surround a standing clump of untouched Water Parsnips (see “geometric” case in 2008: http://www.bltresearch.com/fieldreports/july2008a.php).

5-13-09-carlisle-oh-blog1Carlisle, OHIO - May 13, 2009  (wheat)
Another large area of randomly-downed crop, with a strange twist. Field is on Rt. #123, directly across road from “two famous spaceships” (upper L corner of photo) built, probably, as a tourist attraction.  Landowner reports severe storm the night crop was flattened & local weather guy posits a “downburst” as cause.

bedfordva2Bedford County, VIRGINIA - May 3-4, 2009  (barley?)
In the last few years large areas of crop, flattened in no obvious pattern, are being reported in the U.S.  This field in Bedford County was found after a storm in which rain “fell hard” but with no strong winds. The swirling of the plants and their extreme flatness to the ground mimic effects often seen in “geometric” crop circles.


Zavenbergen, The Netherlands - August, 2009  Partially translucent “UFO” photographed by Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke in field where a crop circle had occurred a few weeks previously. One of multiple “UFOs” photographed by Robbert this summer, this one appeared on Nancy Talbott’s camera.  For report & dozens of photos:  http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert/ufophotos.php

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