fall07_newhaventnshpmi_10ofdeadcloversoybeans_croppedNew Haven Township, MICHIGAN - Fall, 2007 (soybeans)
An approximately 10 ft. diameter circle of what looks like dead soybeans & clover. Although we have no information about when this was first found or what it may have looked like earlier, it does not look as if the plants here were actually flattened, rather that they may have been burned or removed altogether. No other details available.

9-07-waynecountyohio_soybeans_croppedWayne County, OHIO - Fall, 2007 (soybeans)
This formation was not reported until late September and was not examined on the ground, since it was assumed to have been already harvested. It’s location, however, was within approximately 30 miles of a 2006 crop circle in Sandyville, Ohio, which was confessed to be man-made. No other details available.

6-27-07-wilburwa_wheat_croppedWilbur, WASHINGTON -  June 27, 2007 (wheat)
The wheat in this 158′ x 152′ formation contained the two most reliable visible plant changes found in the “real McCoy”: (a) clearly elongated apical (top) nodes and (b) expulsion cavities (holes blown out at lower nodes).  Many center swirls were not in the geometric centers & multiple photo anomalies occurred during sampling.

6-14-07-delaplainearkansas_croppedDelaplaine, ARKANSAS -  June 14, 2007 (wheat)
Third circle found in NE Arkansas in last 5 years. Outer ring approx. 130′ overall diameter. Field had no tractor lines because crop was sown (not drilled). Due to late sowing and a bad drought, the wheat was very stunted (only 14″ tall). Farmer saw no evidence of entry and reports unusual animal behavior & irrigation system battery failure.

6-9-07-elizabethcitync_random-wheat_croppedElizabeth City, NORTH CAROLINA -  June 9, 2007 (wheat)
Long stretches of irregularly flattened wheat covering approx. 250 acres. Plants are flattened in same direction throughout, with a few standing tufts. The lay is very flat to the ground & lacks the “undulating” aspect seen in many real crop circles. No storm activity reported, but this event is probably weather-related.

07-hopewellva_randomhay_croppedHopewell, VIRGINIA - June 2, 2007 (wheat)
Several areas of somewhat bowl-shapped flattened plants found after a rainstorm. Neighbor who reported this says her computer “crashed” and her cat exhibited unusual behavior (”hissing”) on the night the crop went down. Land-owner refused investigation, so no other details are available. We suspect a “down-draft” as likely cause here.

5-27-07-washevillenc_grass_croppedW. Asheville, NORTH CAROLINA - May 27, 2007 (grasses)
First crop circle reported in eastern NC since one which was found near Weaverville in 2005. This formation made up of two inter-locking rings with two flattened circles inside each, overall length approx. 100′. BLT was not aware of this event until late in the season, so no field investigation was carried out. No other details available.

07-missionks_2smccsgrass_croppedMission, KANSAS - May 21, 2007 (grasses)
Two small (6′ and 8′-diam.) circles found under a tree–the first time we’ve heard of circles beneath over-hanging branches. Based on the science available (which posits an atmospheric plasma discharge as the likely causative agency), circles beneath overhanging branches would be highly unlikely. BLT heard of case too late to do fieldwork.

5-14-07-madisonvilletn_croppedMadisonville, TENNESSEE - May 14, 2007 (wheat)
Approx. 165′ x 169′ (overall diam.), field has no tractor lines. According to Brent Raynes (Alternate Perception Magazine) elongated apical (top) nodes and expulsion cavities (holes blown out at lower nodes) were present & several “very credible” witnesses reported UFOs in area earlier & a “bright” light over this field.

07-redbluffca_grass_croppedRed Bluff, CALIFORNIA - May 11, 2007 (grasses)
A crisp 3-circle “thought-bubble” design, all plants laid counter-clockwise; expulsion cavities and bent (rather than broken) plant bases were found. Deviations in magnetic North were reported & one investigator’s compass needle reported to spin “all over the place” in the circles. “Disorientation” also reported inside the circles.

5-07-eppsla_croppedEpps, LOUISIANA - May, 2007 (wheat)
A totally new type of crop event, consisting of multiple (25 +/-) “bowl-like” circular crop depressions stretching nearly ¼-mile across field. Rather than being flattened, the plants in the depressions were simply several inches shorter than the surrounding crop. Sadly, the field was cut before on-site investigation could be carried out.

3-24-07-chandle_cropped1Chandler, ARIZONA - March 24, 2007 (Sorghum ?)
Massive area of randomly-downed plants with multiple standing tufts throughout, a very “fluid-looking” lay and many small circular swirls here and there.   In recent years we are hearing increasing references by meteorologists to “down-drafts” and “mini-tornado” activity and wonder if such weather anomalies could be the cause here?


Hoeven, HOLLAND - August, 2007
An amazing “light ring” photographed at a maize field one night in Holland while photographer (me) was hoping for a “ring” crop circle to occur in the maize. No ring crop circle occurred–but a ring did appear on my camera. (For details, see: http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert/photoanoms1.php).

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