10-13-11-barkrivermiblog2Bark River (nr. Harris), MICHIGAN - October 13, 2011  (maize)
Two reportedly 125 ft. diam. circles found +/- 50 yards apart in 2 different varieties of maize in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Farmer saw no footprints in or outside circles when found and states that plants in both circles were flattened counter-clockwise & close to the ground, with none broken in spite of extreme dryness of crop.

9-14-11-rockyptmarshnyblog3Rocky Point Marsh, NEW YORK - September 14, 2011   (Grasses) A 30 ft. diameter, mostly circular area of flattened marsh grasses, the center of which is swirled in a manner typical of formations in grass elsewhere (http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert/easter2011.php). There were several other, smaller, similarly-swirled areas nearby, but the perimeters of all are irregular. No other details available.

late-junebeardstownilblogBeardstown, ILLINOIS - Mid- to Late-June, 2011  (Wheat)
A 49 ft. diam. circle flattened counter-clockwise, discovered at harvest. Farmer reports no evidence of footprints in or outside circle when found and no broken plant stems. BLT fieldworkers measured no variation from background radiation (15 clicks/min.) but registered erratic bursts of magnetic & DC electric fields inside circle only.

prairie-groveilblogPrairie Grove, ILLINOIS - June 26 +/-, 2011  (Grass)
An approximately 10 ft. diameter 6-8 inch-wide darkened ring in grass (not a crop circle) which has continued to be present through several mowings. Witnesses report that the ring looked like a “surge of heat” might have caused it. We’ve asked that the ring be examined for evidence of fungi, which is a likely cause.

6-5-11-hanovervablog1Hanover, VIRGINIA - June 4, 2011  (Wheat?)
An extensive area of randomly-downed crop w/multiple standing tufts & partly circular elements, much of which is centered around base of electric pylon (red arrow).  No storms reported in area during this time-period. A watch malfunctioned inside downed areas; other electronics did not.  For more info regarding research on randomly-downed crop see Item #2: http://www.bltresearch.com/otherfacts.php.

5-16-11-hardyvablog2Hardy, VIRGINIA - May 16, 2011  (Field Grasses)
A small circle reported as having no footprints in or near it when found. However Dutch medium Robbert v/d Broeke, upon seeing the photos, immediately “saw” (in his mind’s eye) a local teenage paperboy named “Mike” making the circle.  Robbert was correct;  for details, read:  http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert/hardy.php.

11-madisonvilletnblog5Madisonville, TENNESSEE - May 12, 2011  (Young Wheat)
A mechanical-looking formation found in the same field & nearly the same location (& with a very similar design) as one found here in 2007.  Altho suspicious-looking, fieldwork with plant & soil analysis is more reliable than “design” appearance in determining authenticity. See the Crop Circle Connector for fieldwork results.

2001blogComputer simulation for a 2-person eyewitness account of three brilliant, highly-energetic light-tubes creating a crop circle in stringbeans in the Netherlands in 2001.  Incident was accurately re-created for “Unsolved Mysteries” TV series:  http://www.bltresearch.com/eyewitness/eyewitness1.php.

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