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Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

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The "consciousness" which facilitates Robbert's "mediumship"
appeared in multiple photos taken Feb. 6, 2004.
Original photo, cropped only.

All anomalous photos ("creatures," light phenomena, images of
deceased people, etc.) were taken by
Robbert van den Broeke.
All crop circle photographs & diagrams are by Roy Boschman
unless otherwise indicated.
If any photos, diagrams, illustrations or text from this report
are desired for use elsewhere, please ask
Nancy Talbott or Robbert v/d Broeke for permission.


The awareness that a new crop circle is either forming (or is about to) at the precise moment Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke "sees" in his "mind's eye" either the pattern of the new crop circle and/or the exact field where it will be found has been carefully recorded every year since he was 15 years old (he is now 32). For the 17 years prior to Robbert's move last year to his own apartment his father documented all of the formations and Robbert's "pre-cognitive" drawings of the designs, and I posted a detailed report of the 2007 summer's crop circles and related bizarre events, most of which occurred in a field at Bosschenhoofd ("Woodenhead") -- the same area where many of the 2012 events occurred.

In 2007 in the "Woodenhead" field Robbert suddenly disappeared in front of
witnesses as a red light-ball appeared & began strange maneuvers.
Graphic: Andreas Muller

The 2007 report ( includes one incident in which Robbert disappeared totally in front of two witnesses' eyes at the exact moment a small red ball of light appeared in the field and began a series of odd movements. Deposits of white powder were also found that year in several of the circles, and subsequent analysis by infra-red spectroscopy (FT-IR) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electron-dispersive spectroscopy (SEMEDX) -- conducted by both BLT consulting scientists and a materials scientist in Amsterdam -- revealed the powder to be a very pure magnesium carbonate.

Laboratory-grade ("99.99% pure") hydromagnesite often found in Dutch crop
circles & associated with other bizarre events in Robbert's case.
Photo: Peter v/d Broeke

Inductively-coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) and isotopic ratio analysis (in conjunction with x-ray diffraction (XRD) carried out by U.S.G.S. geologist/mineralogist Dennis D. Eberl) of another deposit of white powder found in a 2009 Dutch circle, further revealed this material to be a "highly refined" (99.99% pure) hydromagnesite and, thus, a laboratory-produced substance ( not readily available to the general public.

- PART 1 -

Unusual Start to Dutch 2012 Season, More White Powder
& Grasshopper-Headed Creatures

A range of increasingly bizarre events, which seem to be directly related either to Robbert personally and/or to the appearance of new crop circles in his area of southern Holland, occurred in 2012 -- mostly in the fields around Bosschenhoofd. As usual Robbert "knew" that each of the formations was, or was about to, occur and in most of them also exactly where. And in two 2012 crop circles the highly refined white powder had been deposited once again.

The discovery of the first Dutch circle was, however, a bit unusual. During the afternoon of April 23rd Robbert had his typical "premonition" that a new crop circle was coming and so he and his friend Stan went out looking for it -- but found nothing that afternoon. Then, shortly after midnight and long after returning home from the fields, Robbert saw (in his "mind's eye") a flash of light over one of the fields he and Stan had checked earlier and "heard" that seven new circles had now arrived. When Robbert and Stan returned to this field Robbert visually saw 7 bright white "mushroom-shaped lights" hovering 2-3 meters above the grass, under which the new formation then appeared.

April 24, 2012: first Dutch circle which, in spite of Robbert's feeling that it had
appeared on the 23rd, was not present on his first attempt to find it.

First 2012 Dutch crop circle, which formed beneath 7 bright "mushroom-
shaped" lights hovering over field. Bottom Photo: Janet Ossebaard.

Hydromagnesite In Two Formations

The second 2012 Dutch formation (in grasses on May 6th) and the eighth (in wheat on June 21st) both occurred in fields on the outskirts of Hoeven where Robbert used to live -- and both contained deposits of the familiar white powder.

First deposit in 2012 of the hydromagnesite was found on May 6th,
this time in a grass formation.

Close-up of white powder in May 6th Hoeven formation.

X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) carried out by Dr. Dennis D. Eberl shows
May 6, 2012 white powder is again hydromagnesite.
Graph: Dr. Eberl

In addition to the hydromagnesite, the grasses in the circles contained multiple
clearly elongated and bent stem nodes on the day of discovery.
Photo: Janet Ossebaard

The 8th Dutch formation, on June 21st in a wheat-field near Hoeven, also had some white powder in its largest circle, but much less that we usually find. In the early morning hours of June 21st Robbert began to experience a "restlessness" so strong he felt he must go out. Because this time he didn't know where to look for the new circle he closed his eyes and "asked" for the location.

Immediately he saw a field near Hoeven in his "mind's eye" and also a very sharply-defined, very bright, white "disc" ("as big as a station wagon") rotating in the air only meters above the field. He also heard a "metallic-sounding" voice which said "the breath of God."

June 21st, Hoeven - first Dutch wheat formation of 2012, which also
contained a small deposit of white powder.

Node bending found throughout June 21st Hoeven wheat
formation on first day. Photo: J. Ossebaard

Second white powder deposit in 2012, this time in a Hoeven wheat circle
& only a small amount deposited.

Grasshopper-Headed Creatures

In addition to the presence of the white powder there was something else extraordinary related to the June 21st Hoeven circle. In the evening after it appeared (night of June 21st-22nd) Robbert and Stan returned to the field to see the formation again. While standing in the large center circle (where the white powder had been deposited) they suddenly saw -- more intuitively than visually--what they both independently perceived as 5 or 6 small (about 1-1/2 ft. tall) light-purple-colored creatures "dancing playfully in the air" around them.

These were "spiritual" beings with big heads and large eyes (shaped like a "grasshopper's head") but more "human-looking" bodies...creatures which Robbert felt were, although really odd-looking, both sweet and somehow "natural" and "helping Nature" in some way.

Shape of head & eyes of tiny "dancing" purple creatures perceived
by both Robbert & Stan in June 21st crop circle.
Photographer: Unknown

As peculiar as this experience seemed to both of them (not to mention how it sounds to the rest of us), it lasted several minutes and Robbert and Stan not only "saw" the little creatures as being composed of exactly the same "grasshopper-like" head and more "human" body configuration (and all of them purple in color), they also both felt the "playful" and "funny" energy. Robbert said it was a little like watching the "Muppet" show.

For the record neither man takes "recreational" drugs and Robbert doesn't drink any alcohol at all (Stan does drink socially, but not when he is with Robbert) -- and they both realize how peculiar their report sounds -- but are insistent that it actually happened.

They had brought no cameras with them on the night of June 21-22. But months later, in the early morning hours of September 10, 2012, Stan was at Robbert's when Robbert began to sense the same sweet, playful energy he had felt around the little dancing purple grasshopper-headed creatures -- but this time the energy was inside his apartment -- and it was so strong Robbert says it made him feel like laughing.

Robbert tried to reach me on skype, but his internet connection wouldn't work and so he grabbed his camera and, at 2:37am, began taking digital photos (sometimes with the camera on a tripod aimed at himself and using the timer, and at other times aiming the camera toward wherever he "felt the energy"), and he continued shooting off-and-on until 3:16 am.

September 10, 2012 - First photo (original, cropped only) of "Muppet-like"
grasshopper-headed creature in Robbert's apartment.

Same photo as above, with Photoshop Elements' "autofix" applied.

Sept. 10, 2012: second photo, creature has moved to another section
of apartment. Original, cropped only.

Same photo as above, but with Photoshop Elements' "autofix" applied.

Robbert took 32 photos, all of which show images that both Robbert and Stan say look like the little purple creatures they had experienced dancing in the air over the June 21st crop circle -- but now they were much bigger and had green (instead of purple) heads. And they're wearing what looks like black or dark blue turtleneck sweaters.

In the third shot (original, cropped only) the creature has moved again. It is
clearly much larger than those reported in June.

Same photo as above, with Photoshop Elements' "autofix" applied. Robbert
felt there were two creatues present, one male, one female.

While the creatures were present Robbert had "telepathic" communication with them and got the message that they came from a "heavily wooded planet." He also felt there were two of them present, one "male" and one "female," and he heard two names: "Trebor" and "Oempi." Robbert felt the creatures were very "musical" and also very funny and said that people who don't laugh enough sometimes dream of them -- and that the creatures "tickle these people under their arms and on their feet" to make them laugh.

With the camera on a tripod a creature appeared next to Robbert, who
tried to keep from laughing out loud as he felt their "funny" energy.

Same photo as the original (above), but here with Photoshop Element's
"autofix" applied. Turtleneck now looks blue.

When Robbert aimed the camera at himself a creature's
face appears in-between the lens & Robbert's head.
Original photo.

Same photo as above, but with "autofix" applied. A little of
Robbert's hair shows above the creature's eyes.

Camera again aimed directly at Robbert's face. Top photo = original.
Bottom photo="auto levels" applied.

Same photo again, but this time with "autofix" applied.
What IS it with the turtlenecks?

This is just the beginnng of the bizarre events which occurred around Robbert in 2012. A totally different, dark-blue "creature" appeared later on in the summer while a Dutch TV crew was videotaping Robbert out in the fields (covered in Part 2, which follows shortly), multiple light-balls and light flashes were seen as new formations occurred, physical objects spontaneously moved in conjunction with spiritual symbols appearing in circles (and also after many John Lennon images manifested on Robbert's digital camera while L.A. filmmaker William Gazecki videotaped Robbert taking the photos), eye-witnesses saw circles forming and ghost-like "light beings" out in the fields, and a series of strange red symbols briefly and repeatedly appeared and then disappeared on Robbert's body -- not to mention the night Robbert's computer suddenly began spontaneously playing a YouTube video about a landed Russian UFO upon which the exact same symbol was seen as one which had just appeared on Robbert's body...all to be covered in Parts 2 through 5.

[For the preliminary reports of 2012 Dutch circles (in English) see the Crop Circle Connector ( For more of the 2012 Dutch circle photos & details (in Dutch) see Robbert's website, "Graancirkelarchief" ( For more information & on-going reports about Robbert's case (in English) see his BLT "Home" page:]


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