Non-Linear/Non-Local Effects?

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Unknown Man Appears On Nancy's Camera

One of a series of photos of an unknown man captured by Robbert using
Nancy's Pentax digital camera in October, 2006.

Robbert told me early in 2004 that images of people had begun to appear on his camera in addition to the strange "light phenomena" we had been seeing for years ( Although I had seen prints of some of these "apparition" images during my visits with him I had not yet actually witnessed him taking such photos myself. Robbert regularly obtains these photos during "readings" with his clients (using his clients' cameras) when he becomes aware of the "presence" of one of these clients' deceased relatives--and the resulting photographic images were being regularly identified--by Robbert's clients--as images of the very individuals they had come to ask Robbert about.

On other occasions figures would appear when Robbert was taking photos in his home at night, and many of these images could be identified as Robbert's deceased relatives. And, from time to time, faces or figures of people would also appear who were completely unknown to Robbert or anyone else in his family.

Although my 10-year-long experience of Robbert has never even vaguely suggested that he misrepresents any of the bizarre events which occur around him I didn't, at first, pay particular attention to this new development. Perhaps it just seemed too fantastic for me to absorb. But while in Holland one night in October, 2006, during a late-night session when I was trying to document photographically some of Robbert's new abilities to affect physical matter, an incident occurred which was impossible for me to ignore.

That night we were in Robbert's small office and I was trying to get photos of Robbert 's ability to mentally make compass needles move and metal bend (using my Pentax digital camera). Suddenly we both heard a very soft "tap, tap, tap" on one of the doors. Robbert was seated behind his desk and I was standing on the other side of the desk with my Pentax camera, approximately 4-5 feet away from the door. I was absorbed in trying to get clear photos and, although I had heard the knocking, it had been so very quiet I would have ignored it totally had Robbert not asked "Did you hear that?"

I answered "yes" and immediately realized that something unusual was going on. Robbert walked around to my side of the desk and asked if he could use my camera. I handed it to him and then stood right beside him as he held it up and aimed it toward the door. What happened next made both of us jump--as Robbert took that first photo and a man's face suddenly appeared very clearly on the LED screen.

I don't think I've ever been quite so startled. I could see nothing but "air" between us and the door--but there was no doubt whatsoever that a man's face had appeared nearly taking up the whole LED screen. Robbert (who did not see the man visually either and had not been expecting anything like this) was as startled as I, but then concluded that this man had most likely died and now needed assistance of some kind--help which Robbert felt required the presence of light balls. [Robbert had told me previously that some of the light balls we have photographed repeatedly for years are actually conscious entities, perhaps angels of some kind, whose presence is related to helping people who have died.] And so, as Robbert concentrated on "calling in" these light balls, he continued to take photos of the unknown man and then after awhile a different, very strange figure, until the lights balls did eventually appear, concluding the event.

During this incident the unknown man's face appears 8 times, followed by a different, very strange figure which appeared in 5 photos, then a series of shots that show only the door--the whole incident ending with the appearance of a few small light balls in the 26th photo.

I posted a complete report discussing this event in detail a few years ago ( - Part 2) but did not include the photos of the man's face at that time because we didn't know who he was and were afraid it might upset the man's living relatives, should they see the photos on the internet without any prior warning. My earlier report begins with the13th photo in this series--the first one in which the strange figure appears--and continues through to the end of the sequence.

But now, because images of hundreds of different people are appearing when Robbert uses his clients' cameras during "readings," and human images are also appearing regularly when he is using my camera when I am in Holland--and because I have now observed Robbert carefully on multiple occasions as he has taken these images with my own camera as well as with several colleague's cameras (including Dr. William Roll's camera in 2008)--I have decided it is time to post all of the photos taken that night in October, 2006 when I first witnessed these "apparition" photos appear.

First photo of unknown man in the series taken by Robbert in October, 2006,
with Nancy so close she could see this face appear on the LED screen.

2nd shot in the series, taken almost 2 minutes
later. An abnormal sepia tone was present in
all the photos taken during this sequence.

3rd photo in series--brownish, sepia tone
still present, but no sign of the man.

4th photo in series--taken 4 seconds later.

5th photo in series. Nearly 3 minutes have
elapsed. Robbert has moved a little closer
to the door and is concentrating deeply.

6th photo in series, 2-1/2 minutes after shot #5. Robbert has opened the
door onto the hallway leading to the outside door.

7th & 8th shots in the series, taken 4 seconds apart.

9th shot, taken 5 seconds later.

10th shot, taken 1 minute later.

11th & 12th shots in series. Last photos in which man's face appears.
Total time elapsed so far = 6 minutes, 47 seconds.

13th photo in series--35 seconds later, the first photo in which this
strange new figure appears.

To see the rest of the photos taken in this series see the earlier BLT report: - Part 2. This strange figure appears in the next 4 consecutive shots, all taken within 46 seconds, after which this figure disappears and only the door is seen (with the sepia-toned light still present for another minute and one-half). Shots #21 through #24 show the door only, with the ambient light back to a normal color--and the last 2 photos (#25 & #26) show normal lighting, but with light balls present.

At this point Robbert felt that the incident was completed and we returned to our efforts to photograph Robbert influencing a compass needle. When I think about it now I can't understand why we didn't get into a really animated discussion about this utterly amazing thing that had just happened. But we didn't. I remember feeling very matter-of-fact about the incident, and I guess Robbert felt the same. I think the only brief discussion we had was to ask if either of us knew who the man was and, since neither of us did, we just went back to what we had been doing before the "tap tap tap" on the door.

It should be noted that In the first 20 photographs in the series (the man's face, then the doorway, then the man's face again and then the strange figure)--although the camera was set in "auto" mode--in all of these photos in which the overall background color was the unnatural brown (sepia tone) the flash did not fire. And, although the settings on the camera were not changed for the last 6 photographs, the overall color in the photos returned to normal and the flash DID fire--even in the last 2 shots which had light balls.

Nancy's Brother Bill

The most compelling demonstration that images of this sort represent actual people who have died occurred for me personally a year later, in August of 2007. One of my brothers, Bill, who had for many years lived on the remote Pacific island of Palau, had become sick with a God-awful cancer and had returned to the States to see if the doctors at Johns Hopkins could help him. Because I had seen Bill only rarely in the past 20 years, I had not discussed him with the v/d Broeke family, other than to say I had a brother who lived out in the middle of the Pacific, loved his island life, and was an accomplished photographer.

Bill didn't tell us about his illness or even that he was back in the States until he had been told by the Hopkins doctors that his disease was terminal. When we learned that he was here, and that he was dying, my other brother and my sister and I immediately made plans to go to Maryland. Before leaving, I had emailed a copy of the most recent photo I had of Bill (taken for our parents' 50th wedding anniversary in 1986) to Robbert's father, asking him to print it out and give it to Robbert, and then I called Robbert to see if there was anything he might be able to do to help my brother.

Nancy & her brother Bill--Cambridge, 1986

After focusing on this photo Robbert told me with sadness that Bill's cancer was too advanced and that he could not help, but he told me that "angels" were with Bill, that they were all around him--and that he would soon begin seeing them when he went to sleep at night. No one in my birth family is particularly "religious" and I had never heard Bill speak of angels or anything of that ilk. But it became clear to all of us in those final days that Bill was extraordinarily strong-minded, gallant, and not afraid of death.

The photo above--in which Bill is 46 years old--is the only photo of him that Robbert has ever seen. Although he had traveled extensively, Bill had never been to the Netherlands and no photographs of him exist (or ever existed) on the internet. Additionally, my brother's last name is not the same as mine (Talbott is my married name) and I had never had occasion to mention my maiden name to Robbert or anyone in the v/d Broeke family.

After my call to Robbert I went to Maryland. Because our mother was still living at the time, but could not travel, she had asked that I take my camera so she could see her son--her four children together--one last time. I did as she asked and took many photographs while we were in Annapolis with Bill. In most of these photographs there are many people present. Bill had two ex-wives, two grown children, and dozens of friends still in the States and they were all coming to say good-bye. Bill's sense of humor was fully intact and there was an amazing amount of laughter and fun, given the circumstances.

In addition to Bill's phenomenal refusal to give in to any sadness or fear, two other stunning things occurred. The very first thing he said to me when I and our siblings arrived in Annapolis was that he was seeing "angels" at night when he went to bed. He said this with utter conviction and in amazement. Bill didn't know about Robbert or that I had spoken with him in the hope he might be able to help, and he knew nothing about Robbert having told me my brother would soon be seeing angels as he went to sleep at night.

And then there were 3 particular photos. Although I took dozens, in most of the shots there are multiple people present. There were only 3 shots in which Bill was by himself with no one else in the frame, and in each of these--and only in these--did "light" anomalies occur. Robbert had told me there would be angels around Bill...could it be? I wish I could understand this with the certainty Robbert has.

Bill, in Annapolis, Maryland--May, 2007. First of the 3
photos with no one else in the frame ...or is there?
Photo: N.Talbott

The two other totally unaltered photos in which Bill appeared alone. These
were the only 3 shots with any anomalies. Photos: N. Talbott

Bill died a month later, the night before his 66th birthday. His humor, his unflinchingly gallant personality, protected us all from a much more intense grief we would certainly have suffered otherwise, and we are grateful he made it possible for his sisters, his brother and all the rest of his family to remember him with laughter and such great pride.

Two months later, in August of 2007, I went to spend a few weeks with Robbert once again. In June, after Bill's death, I had spoken to Robbert on the phone and he had told me he had a strong feeling that my brother would appear on my camera when I got to Holland. He told me he had felt Bill's presence repeatedly. Although I knew (because of my experience the year before when the unknown man's face had appeared) that it was possible this might occur, I really didn't want it to. I just didn't feel up for such a thing happening, and I told Robbert this.

When I arrived Robbert again told me he thought Bill would appear on my camera. Again, I told him I really wasn't ready for this to happen. [I now think Robbert probably knew it was likely to happen and was trying to prepare me.] On that first night I was too tired from jet-lag to go into the fields, but Robbert and I stayed up for awhile at home and, as usual, took many photos. Big pink light-balls and light tubes appeared over and over (

Big pink light-balls appeared in many photos taken in Robbert's garden
on Nancy's first night in Hoeven in August, 2007.

Later, inside the house, the photos contained "light tubes" everywhere
--in this shot one seems to be aimed directly at Nancy's heart.

The next afternoon, after some sleep, we drove to the "Woodenhead" field where circles ( and multiple other bizarre events had occurred earlier that summer. It was late afternoon, but still quite light outside.

We pulled into the field and got out of the car. Almost immediately Robbert told me he felt Bill's "presence" and asked for my camera. I took the Pentax out of its case, turned it on and checked to make sure it was in "auto" mode--and handed it to Robbert. And then, over the next 11 minutes, Robbert took 50 photos in which my brother Bill's face appeared.

The first of 50 photos containing Bill's image (2 months after he died), taken by
Robbert with my camera in the "Woodenhead" field--August, 2007.

I was standing next to Robbert but saw only the field--nothing unusual at all. I remember feeling a little disconcerted, knowing that Robbert had never been mistaken about these intuitions before and not knowing how I would react if Bill's image did appear. I was a little uncomfortable with the idea.

Robbert began by taking a series of shots, 5 to 7 in a row, and then stopped so we could check the camera together to see what had appeared. Although those first images varied in clarity, it is my brother's face--looking as he had many years ago when he and I had last been close, before he began to travel so much. I continued to stand right with Robbert while he took several series of 5-7 photos at a time, and I also stood right with him as we checked back through each series. The same image continued to appear, sometimes more clearly, sometimes distorted, sometimes very close to the camera and in other shots more distant.

As you can see in the first photo it was quite light in the field. Robbert had nothing in his hands except for the camera--which he held out and in front of his face with his right hand--while moving his left hand around in the air. He would change the direction toward which he aimed the camera from time to time, and I would move, too, so I could see what he was doing. But all Robbert did was point the camera, and shoot--usually multiple shots in a row, sometimes waiting for a few seconds in-between each shot. Following are some of these images; it appears to be the same basic image of Bill's face, repeatedly--and it looks very much like the only photo of Bill that Robbert had ever seen, although the image varies in a number of ways from shot to shot.

In some of the photos Bill's face is quite clear, looking as he had as a
much younger man.

In others the face becomes distorted, although the basic image
seems to be the same.

In these two shots the distortions are extreme.

Here Bill's face is unrecognizable; but this shot occurred in the
midst of the others.

In some of the shots the image is transparent and the field &
tree-line show right through it.

In other photos the field and tree-line do not show through the image & are
clearly out of focus--but sometimes only on one side of the shot.

In this one the tree-line is out of focus on the extreme right side only.

Here the field & tree-line on the right are OK, but on the left both
are slightly out of focus.

In all of the photos taken that first day at "Woodenhead" Bill's left ear is
elongated unnaturally.

It's important to note Bill's left ear in these photos taken that first day in the "Woodenhead" field. I noticed this at the time because my brother's ear did not stick out this way--but didn't really think about it until two days later when we returned to the field and Bill's face appeared again, but under different circumstances.

In September, after I had returned to the States, I printed out a few of the Holland photos and took them with me to a memorial for Bill that my family had arranged in Maryland, at the ocean. During that weekend I showed the Holland images to my other brother and my sister, and to one of Bill's ex-wives and his two children, and a number of his friends who attended. I said nothing about where I had gotten the photos, or how--and asked each person to identify the image. Everybody except for my sister immediately said it was Bill. My sister thought it might be our father, who died some years ago and whom both of our brothers strongly resemble.

Because we know that--at least in some of the other "apparition" photos taken by Robbert--the images are very similar to photographs known to exist somewhere else, our photo analyst spent a great deal of time on these Bill images. Since the only photo of Bill that Robbert has ever seen is the one of Bill and me taken for our parents' 50th wedding anniversary (at the beginning of this section), the analyst used that photo for his comparisons and his comments appear in Part 5.

The 50-photo sequence which contained Bill's face was followed immediately that same afternoon by 4 additional photographs of a man not known to me or Robbert. Below are two of those photos.

Two of the 4 photos of an unknown man whose image appeared Immediately
after the 50 photos containing Bill's face.

As was the case of the unknown man and strange figure which appeared on my camera in Robbert's office the year before, and also as in the "soldier" and "mudman" photos, the flash did not fire in any of these photos of my brother or this unknown man (above). We now realize that the flash never fires when images of people appear on the camera--no matter how dark the ambient light or what camera Robbert is using--as will be illustrated in the next section when Bill's face reappears when we returned to the Woodenhead field, but later at night.

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