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- PART 5 -
Strange Red Marks Appear Spontaneously
After Robbert Finds New Circles

July 16, 2012 - First red mark on Robbert's body, which Nancy watched
appear (via skype) as Robbert described new crop circle.
Photo: Stan Pluijmen

The events reported in Parts 1-4 of this overview of the Dutch crop circle season of 2012 are odd enough. But the strange red marks or "symbols" which began appearing on Robbert's body upon his return from finding some of the new formations this summer were something we'd never seen before.

I was a witness to this occurring the first time. Robbert and I were talking on skype the night of July 15-16 when, at around 1:00am (Dutch time) on the 16th, I began feeling a definite "tinglng" all around my upper body and arms. At first I didn't pay it any attention, but it got stronger and I mentioned it to Robbert. He said he wasn't feeling anything unusual himself so I dismissed what I was experiencing, assuming it was irrelevant. But about 15 minutes later Robbert suddenly interrupted whatever we were talking about, saying "I must go out to the fields...something is happening," and he and Stan headed out the door.

After they left the "tingling" in my upper body spread upwards until it included my whole head -- a sensation that I have experienced several times now either in crop circles or when I've been with Robbert in Holland -- and in the past it has always foreshadowed or accompanied an unusual event of some kind. But so far as I can remember this is the first time it's happened to me when a new crop circle was forming in Holland and I was still in the States...and it lasted for a good half-hour or so before going away. I was pretty sure a new crop formation was occurring in Holland during this time, somewhere near Robbert.

Around 4:00am Dutch time Robbert skyped me back. As he and Stan were leaving the apartment he had "seen" (in his "mind's eye") a "typical" silvery, metal-looking UFO over the same field where the double-cross formation had been found on May 18th. And when they reached the field and found the new formation Robbert was sure the UFO he had "seen" had something to do with "making" this one.

Part of the July 16th Bosschenhoofd formation, discovered during time-
period Nancy experienced "tingling" sensation at home in U.S.

Robbert also reported that he felt a "different" ("a little bit more mechanical") energy in this formation than the energy he usually perceives; he also thought a "different energy group" was present. Both Stan and Robbert felt dizzy as they got close to the formation and Robbert reported that his arms and hands were "tingling very strong" as he walked into the field.

Could the presence of a "more mechanical" energy be related to
these sections of cut plants in the formation?
Photo: Janet Ossebaard

Soft "lay" of grasses in largest circle of July 16th formation.

Two more features in July 16th formation. Photos: Janet
Ossebaard (top), Roy Boschman (bottom).

Extremely delicate swirl around a few standing stalks.
Photo: Janet Ossebaard.

As soon as Robbert was back on skype telling me the details of this new circle I noticed what looked like a faint mark on his forehead. At first I thought it was just a shadow caused by the lighting in his apartment, but then it turned darker and more red and seemed to be in the shape of a fluer-de-lys, and I asked him what the mark was? He had not been aware of it and got a mirror so he could see it too -- in amazement we asked Stan to photograph the mark immediately.

Another shot of mark which appeared on Robbert's forehead after he
returned from finding the July 16th crop circle.
Photo: Stan Pluijmen

Photos of one section of July 16th formation show a similar "fleur-de-lys
design in the formation itself.

Then almost immediately after Stan got the photos of his forehead Robbert noticed a "burning" sensation on his chest and pulled off his T-shirt -- and found a bigger, very red and totally different symbol on his chest. None of us had ever seen anything like it before and we had no idea what it might represent; Stan immediately took more photos to document the mark on Robbert's chest.

July 16 - 2nd mark on Robbert's body, discovered as he pulled off his T-shirt
after feeling a "burning" sensation on his chest.
Photo: Stan Pluijmen

After taking the photos both marks began to fade, and within 15-20 minutes they had disappeared totally, leaving no mark of any kind on his forehead or chest and no itching or burning sensation.

But before they had completely faded Robbert had begun talking to me about something not related to the new circle or these strange marks...and he was trying to email me something in English he wanted me to read for him. But his email program wouldn't work correctly and he called out to Stan to come and fix his computer.

Then the entire situation became even stranger. Before Stan could respond Robbert's computer began -- totally spontaneously -- to play a YouTube video about a UFO landing case in Russia in 1989 which was witnessed by many people ( Several children and other witnesses who had seen the landing had drawn the UFO and the strange symbol emblazoned on its side -- and Robbert's computer was now showing one of these drawings with the UFO's symbol -- which looked very much like the red mark on Robbert's chest.

Still from video that began playing spontaneously on Robbert's computer
right after we discovered similar mark on his chest.

Drawings by various witnesses to the 1989 Voronezh, Russia UFO landing,
showing the same symbol repeatedly.

Robbert (who was born in 1980) was only 9 years old when this UFO case at Voronezh, Russia (200 miles South of Moscow) occurred and he had never heard of it. I was not involved in the UFO "scene" in 1989 and had never heard of this incident either.

Later, when I'd had some time to do a google search, I found more info about the Voronezh case (witnessed by many people, both children and adults, and involving 3 giant "beings," at least one of which looked like a robot), and also discovered the same symbol associated with another UFO case -- the"UMMO Affair" -- an extremely complex UFO case reported during the 1960s and '70s involving regions in southern France and Spain.

June 1, 1967 - "UMMO" UFO near Madrid, Spain.
Photo: Antonio Pardo

In light of the reports of robot-type creatures involved in the Voronezh, Russia UFO landing and the highly technical and sophisticated nature of information French astrophysicist Jean Pierre Petit (Director of Research for the French National Center for Scientific Research -- CNRS) states he derived from work on the "UMMO letters" (, it is intriguing that Robbert recognized not only a "different" -- but what he called a "more mechanical" energy -- connected to this July 16, 2012 crop formation.

A 2-part article about the "UMMO Affair" has also recently been posted on The UFO Digest website:

Robbert said he felt the energy was "positive" generally, in spite of it being different...and he also remarked that he thought that it was likely that more "energy groups" were involved with him and the crop circles in his area now than had been previously.

Marked node bending (top) and clearly stretched nodes (bottom) were
found on day 1 of July 16th formation. Photos: J. Ossebaard.


Other strange red marks continued to appear on Robbert's forehead and/or chest following the discovery of some of the additional circles which occurred in the summer of 2012. The 2nd occurrence of red marks was only four days later, when a small formation appeared in the same Bosschenhoofd field, not far from the July 16th event.

In fact, this next set of circles may have been an "addition" to the July 16th formation, since Robbert again saw (in his "mind's eye") a very similar "silvery ball with a misty halo around it" which emitted a brilliant flash of light directly over the same field -- which was how he knew to go back there to look for another circle. He also felt that this "silvery ball" was associated with the same "different" energy he had perceived before finding the July 16th circles.

July 16th (brown) & July 20th "addition" (black), found about
12m +/- further into Bosschenhoofd field.

Again Stan went with Robbert to the Bosschenhoofd field and both men said the "energy" felt "quiet, gentle and safe." Robbert got the impression that this set of circles was a "gate," through which many people could experience a "connection" with everything in the universe, the "consciousness" throughout all the solar systems and galaxies -- and an understanding that life is eternal.

Bosschenhoofd field with both July 16th and July 20th formations.

Robbert also said he thinks these circles are attempting to help prepare people for contact with "other residents" of the universe and that this contact, when it occurs, will be totally positive and nothing to fear.

July 20, 2012 - close-ups of large circle.

Immediately upon returning home from finding these circles Robbert noticed a "metallic" sort of taste in his mouth and an "itchy, slightly burning" sensation on his forehead. When he looked in the mirror he saw the new red mark on his forehead.

Arrow-like mark appeared on Robbert's forehead after returning home
from finding the July 20th Bosschenhoofd crop circle.
Photo: Stan Pluijmen

Almost immediately Robbert also felt a "burning" sensation on his chest again and when he pulled off his T-shirt found the same "arrow-like" mark on his chest. Again, neither Robbert, Stan nor I are able to associate any particular meaning to this mark.

The same arrow-like mark on Robbert's forehead appeared
on his chest this time also. Photo: Stan Pluijmen

As before, Stan took photos of both marks and within minutes they had begun to fade away, eventually leaving no itching or burning sensation and absolutely no indication the marks had ever been there.


The very next night, again around 1:00am (Dutch time), Robbert had another "vision" in which he saw a big white light-ball hanging over another field near Bosschenhoofd, discharging many smaller light-balls down to the field which were making a long string of circles and rings. He also "knew" (before going to the field) that this long pictogram-style formation would include the same symbol which had appeared on his chest on July 16th.

July 21, 2012 - 56.5m long "pictogram" with same symbol as on Russian
UFO and also on Robbert's chest on July 16th.

July 21, 2012 - Symbol on 1989 Russian UFO inside one ring of
pictogram. This is same formation where Robbert & Stan
saw tall "light beings" the night they found it.

Closer view of symbol seen on landed Russian UFO and then on
Robbert's chest on July 16, 2012.

Same symbol, also seen on "UMMO" UFOs in southern
France and in the Madrid area of Spain.

For more details on this July21st "pictogram" see Part 4, but here again is Robbert's drawing of the two very tall "light beings" he and Stan saw visually hovering over the edge of one of its bigger circles. These "light beings" did not appear on photos Robbert took that night and they faded away when he and Stan tried to get closer to them.

Both men had also experienced strong "tingling" in their bodies and had the clear sensation they were in the presence of a "much bigger consciousness," and that these ghost-like figures were both "introducing" themselves and "welcoming" Robbert and Stan to the pictogram.

Robbert's drawing of 2 "tall, translucent light-beings" he & Stan both
saw hovering over the July 21st "pictogram."

When Robbert and Stan returned to Robbert's apartment he again felt an itching and slight burning sensation on his forehead and he and Stan saw there was now a new mark -- live a "V" with a line underneath it. No mark appeared on Robbert's chest this time, and Stan photographed the new mark on Robbert's forehead, as before.

"V"-shaped mark appeared on Robbert's forehead after returning
from the July 21st "pictogram" at Bosschenhofd.
Photo: Stan Pluijmen

The day after the pictogram appeared Robbert got an additional message. He "heard" that the "cosmic designers" of this pictogram had instilled an extremely high "vibration" inside it -- and that visitors might suddenly feel "very big or very small." He was "told" that people should not be startled if they experienced one or the other feeling, but realize they might begin to have "greater insight" and more "self-confidence."


Five nights later, on July 26th at around 12:45am (Dutch time), Robbert again began to experience the "restlessness" he nearly always experiences when a new circle is coming. This time he saw (in his "mind's eye") the same wheat field in Standdaarbuiten where the big light-ball had first dropped him in 2003 (see Part 1, 1/4 way down: "Was it a UFO that Transported Robbert to Standdaarbuiten?" at, and again he saw a UFO-shaped light and then a flash of light down low over the field. He also clearly saw the "design" of the new formation this time and drew it quickly at home, before going to the field with Stan.

Sketch Robbert made at home before heading out to Standdaarbuiten.
Formation in field was almost exactly as he had drawn.

As Stan and Robbert started to go into the edge of the field where the three smaller circles were they both experienced a "strong pressure on their heads" as well as dizziness. This time neither of them experienced the "tingling" in their feet or elsewhere in their bodies as they entered the tramline and walked down to the rest of the formation farther into the field.

July 26, 2012 - Formation in wheat at Standdaarbuiten.
Arrow points to 3 small circles at edge of field.

Cross-country electricity pylons cross this field, where many circles have
formed & Robbert has taken hundreds of "UFO" photos.

The strong "pressure" pushing down on their heads continued and both men experienced this as "positive." Robbert says this pressure is representative of both "angel" and "UFO" energies -- and I have come to think that the nuances which differentiate these energies (Robbert's apparent ability to discriminate between them) are probably not experienced as entirely physical, but must include some other, possibly indefinable, aspect. The one factor that Robbert continues to emphasize when I probe him about this is that some UFOs have the same "loving consciousness" as many people would probably expect "angel energy" would have.

Large center circle had a beautiful lay of the wheat plants,
overall more typically seen in UK circles.

Because just four nights earlier Robbert and Stan had both seen, visually, the two additions to the Bosschenhoofd "pictogram" appear beneath brilliant "bluish-white" light flashes they had brought both a video and a digital camera with them this time -- with fully-charged batteries. However, the minute they reached the edge of the field and the three small circles, the videocamera's batteries died. Robbert's digital camera continued to work and he took 5-10 photos, but nothing anomalous appeared in his images.

However, when Robbert returned home from the Standdaarbuiten field and tried to look at the digital shots he had taken again, he found that all of those perfectly normal photos had completely disappeared from his camera. [This is not a new situation, since photos taken by Robbert in the past -- both "normal" and some which were definitely anomalous -- have many times disappeared from whatever camera Robbert had used, including my own. For details see para 5:]

Lay details in one of the medium-sized circles (top),
and one of the small ones (bottom).

An hour or so after returning to Robbert's apartment Stan noticed that another dark red mark had appeared on Robbert's forehead. This is the fifth (and last) such mark to appear on Robbert's body after visiting some of the 2012 Dutch circles and, like the others, it faded away completely not long after Stan took photos. This time the mark looks like a "+" sign inside a ring with two long red lines beneath.

Ringed cross with long red lines beneath. Although suggestive of a "Celtic Cross,"
it might also represent the astronomical symbol for "Earth."
Photo: Stan Pluijmen

British crop circle enthusiasts might consider this mark to represent part of a "Celtic cross," but I found it might also represent the astronomical symbol for "Earth" ( We don't know why any of these marks have appeared on Robbert's body this year, but we do speculate that perhaps the symbol seen on the 1989 landed Russian UFO and in the "UMMO" case, which also appeared both on Robbert's chest and in the Bosschenhoofd "pictogram," might indicate the presence and/or involvement of the same "consciousness" as was involved in the UFO events.

Robbert thinks that this wheat formation at Standdaarbuiten was another gentle nudge to help humanity become "more open" to the possibility of a more complex "reality" than is currently generally accepted. That the crop circles (and all the other odd events which constantly occur around him) emanate from a spiritual consciousness (or multiple consciousnesses) which is/are trying to help people "make room" for the necessary spiritual growth which will occur as we realize we are not alone in the universe -- and that there is help available from this spiritual realm, if we can only trust enough to ask.

Given the current overwhelming problems facing all of us I really hope he's right. And that more people will begin to at least consider this "message."

Twisted peduncle found in a single standing stalk at Standdaarbuiten.
See Item #4:
Photo: Janet Ossebaard


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For many more reports about Robbert v/d Broeke (in English), see his BLT page:

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