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- PART 4 -

"Light-Ship UFOs" on Nancy's Camera - Standdaarbuiten

7/30/09 (1:30am) - Standdaarbuiten crop circle field. First series of
"light-ship UFOs" on Nancy's camera.

On Wednesday, July 29th, Robbert and I spent some time driving through the fields near Standdaarbuiten, looking for a crop circle Robbert had seen occur in a "vision" a few days earlier, but which no one had been able to find. My confidence in Robbert's accuracy is now so strong that I was certain we would find it if we kept looking and, just before dark, we did. But in this case we didn't know the farmer and, after a quick look, left and called the DCCA ( to let them know of the location.

At around 1:30 am Robbert and I went back to Standdaarbuiten, the first night there had been no one else with us out in the fields. As we walked down the tram-lines into the circles Robbert began to feel the presence of the "energy" and I handed him my Pentax Optio-33WR digital camera, set (as always) in "auto" mode. Immediately an anomalous "light" began to appear on the photos, although neither of us saw it visually in the field.

7/30/09 - At first the "light-ship" seemed to be arising out of the circles.

7/30/09 - In many of these photos the "UFO" seemed to be made up of light-balls;
it also looked a lot like the Billy Meier "beamships" of the 1970s.

"Beamship," mid-1970s, Switzerland
Photo: Billy Meier

"Light-ship," July 30, 2009 - Standdaarbuiten, Holland.

I am aware that an intense controversy exists around the Swiss "contactee" Billy Meier and his huge archive of UFO photographs. Robbert, however, did not know about Meier until after he had taken some "UFO" photos with Dr. Roll's camera in 2008 (which also looked similar to some of Meier's UFOs). Why "UFO" images similar to some of Meier's UFOs have begun to appear in Robbert's photos I don't know. But on Friday afternoon, July 31st (about 42 hours after the image above appeared on my camera), Robbert had a physical encounter with a landed, yellow, apparently solid UFO craft and a tall, human-looking occupant at the "special" field, in broad daylight.

Details of that encounter, and a subsequent event, will be posted as soon as some graphics and analytical lab tests have been completed.


On Sunday night, August 2nd, Robbert and I went again to Standdaarbuiten. Many of the crop circle people from the DCCA (including Robert Boerman, who started the group many years ago) were there, as well as several other people we didn't know. Robbert took some "UFO" photos with my camera but, when it was handed back to me after passing it around so that the other people could see the images, all of the "UFO" photos had disappeared.

Much later that night (around 2:30am), after everyone had gone, Robbert and I returned to the field. Then, from about 3:00 - 3:45am, Robbert took another 150 or so photos using my camera -- almost half of which contained an array of brilliant "UFOs." There was a full moon on this night, but it did not illuminate the field and there was no other light source (other than the camera flash) near the field. As always, the Pentax was set in "auto" mode and in all of these photos the flash did fire.

Monday, August 3rd, @ 3:00am - Standdaarbuiten. This "UFO" series
begins with photos of bluish light-balls (white circle,
upper left, is the moon).

At first it seemed like the "UFOs" were originating at ground (or possibly crop) level, appearing just above the crop seed-heads -- sometimes looking as if they were right down inside some of the smaller circles present in the field. As the series continues the light source is sometimes just above eye level and in some photos projects a beam of light down to the ground. In some photos the "UFO" appears to be very close to the camera lens, at which times its brilliance overwhelms the camera optics, producing constant lens flares. How a brilliant light source could be invisible to Robbert and me but could affect the camera optics anyway is unknown.

Robbert has said that he thinks these "light-ship UFOs" are all "projections of a cosmic energy" which is being directed through him to -- in this instance -- produce the UFO-like images. If he is correct about this I wonder whether UFO images are now being "projected" because they have become a widely recognizable symbol representative of the "other-worldly," the unknown? As such, "UFO" images could be expected to trigger the sort of questioning of "reality" thought to be requisite for spiritual growth.

8/3/09, 3:00 am+, Standdaarbuiten - "UFO" #1.

8/3/09, 3:00 am+, Standdaarbuiten - UFO #2.

8/3/09, 3:00am+, Standdaarbuiten - "UFO" #3 (top). Same photo (bottom) with
Photoshop Elements' "autofix" applied, revealing the tops of the plants.

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - "UFO" #6. Is brilliance of object
causing lens flare?

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - "UFO" #8. Here the object is closer
to the lens; is it also brighter?

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - "UFO" #14. In many photos a beam
of light seems to shoot down beneath the object.

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - Shots of the field as it would normally
appear occurred intermittently.

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - "UFOs" #22, #24. Here clear beams of light shoot down
toward crop surface. Light source is just above lens.

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - "UFOs" #25, #26. Light source now lower.
Rainbow lens refractions appear in #26.

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - "UFO" #38. Light source now down near
crop surface & totally inside frame.

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten, 3:30am - "UFO" #42.

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten, 3:30am - "UFO" #43 (top). When "autofix" is
applied to "UFO" #43 (bottom) it seems clear that object is
close to camera lens & in front of plant stems.

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - "UFO" #47. Light intensity is increasing & small
light balls can be seen along right "rim."

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - "UFO" #51. Why is left "rim" of object lit
differently from rest?

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - "UFOs" #53, #54. Is this a shadow of "UFO"
in lower left corner of photo?

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten - "UFO" #55. Look again...what is causing dark "UFO"
shape in lower left corner?

8/3/09, Standdaarbuiten, 3:45am - "UFOs" #57 through #67. Suddenly
all of the photos change color completely.


Daylight "UFOs" on Nancy's Camera - Zavenbergen

At around 9:00pm on Tuesday, August 4th, Robbert and I drove again to the Zavenbergen crop circle field. The farmer had begun harvesting the wheat that day and the circle had been partially cut. We walked down to what was left of the formation, and Robbert then felt drawn toward the maize field at the far end. At 9:51pm he took three photos in a row, all within seconds of each other, showing another type of UFO -- this one partially transparent in the first shot.

Curiously a beautiful "light-ship" appeared next on the camera only a few minutes later, while Robbert was still down near the maize. Although this photo looks quite dark, only 5 minutes had actually elapsed.

8/4/09-Zavenbergen crop circle field, now partially harvested.
Maize field is at back of photo.

8/4/09 - Zavenbergen, center circle now partially cut.

8/4/09 @ 9:51pm, "see-thru UFO" appears on camera first.

8/4/09 - Zavenbergen, "see-thru UFO" becomes more solid looking in
next 2 shots, taken within seconds of first.

8/4/09 - Zavenbergen. "Light-ship UFO" appears in next photograph at 9:57pm;
Robbert is still standing next to maize field.

Although I was not standing next to Robbert when he took all of the above images I was present and watching him much of the time. He sometimes held the camera with both hands, sometimes with just one hand, and most often held it out in front of his face the full length of his arms. He usually took several photos at a time, or in close sequence, before he and I would then check the LED screen to see what had appeared. I saw all of these images within seconds or minutes of his having taken them, while we were both still out in the field.

I never saw Robbert hold anything in front of the lens or do anything that would suggest deliberate manipulation.

Remember that these photos were taken with my camera, which is kept in my possession until I hand it to Robbert. And then remember that the same is true for all of the "UFO" images taken with the six other cameras Robbert used to take the photos in this report (not to mention the multiple dozens of other people whose cameras he has used on multiple other occasions over many years, constantly producing anomalous images). At some point it becomes painfully redundant to continue to assert what is obvious to all of us who have witnessed these events: something none of us understands is occurring -- and it has nothing to do with computers or fakery.

Sunday, August 9, 2009 - Nancy's favorite "light-ship UFO" photo,
taken at Zavenbergen last night in Holland.

Regarding these "UFO" images Robbert says that a "cosmic" energy or force is being projected through him which can, most probably, create any image it chooses. He thinks the "UFO" image is being used now because so many people have come to recognize such images as being representative of the "other-worldly," of alternative realities. He suspects these photos represent an effort on the part of this "energy" to communicate to us the fact of its existence -- its actual presence here in our world, now.

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