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- PART 5 -

Brilliant Heart with "Light-Ball UFO"

Multiple hearts & "UFOs" appeared on Nancy's camera the last night at
Zavenbergen. (Contrast & brightness adjusted in this image.)

On my last night in Holland in 2009 Robbert and I returned for a final visit to the Zavenbergen field. The crop circle was now harvested and we walked through the stubble, both of us thinking about how lovely the formation had been. Mentally I was also feeling a great gratitude for the incredible events I had again witnessed with Robbert out in the fields and the phenomenal photographs he had taken with so many people's cameras.

I did not originally intend to include these "heart" photographs in this report. My reasoning was that they just seemed too amazing, too unbelievable...too much for most people to assimilate. But Robbert does not hesitate to tell everything that actually occurs, and he decided to show one of these heart photos to a conference audience in Holland this past weekend. And, so, I must also include them, and the exact circumstances in which they were taken.

As we walked into the Zavenbergen field I was privately saying "thank you" to this "cosmic energy" that Robbert recognizes when it is present-trying to express my gratitude for these many years of amazing experiences which have so enlarged my sense of reality. Almost immediately Robbert asked for my camera, and I handed it to him (set in "auto," as always).

The first several shots were all unnaturally black, in spite of the fact that the flash was going off. As you can see, below, the surface of the field is not illuminated as one would expect it to be. [This unnatural darkness is, as we have seen before, one of the indicators that the "energy" is present. ] Immediately after these dark photos four brilliant hearts then appeared.

One of the first shots at Zavenbergen that last night. Crop surface is
not illuminated, in spite of the fact that flash did fire.

The first two hearts were very bright and so large they took up
most of the frame.

The 3rd heart was a little smaller and the 4th heart was perfectly centered
in the frame & you can see a few light-balls.

Three "black" photos occurred next. In this one we have added
brightness & changed the contrast, revealing light-balls.

Top: a beautiful "light-ship" appears in next shot. (Bottom photo is same image,
with "autofix" applied, clearly revealing multiple light balls.)

Robbert had stopped taking photos at this moment and we both looked back through the shots to see what had appeared on the camera. I don't have words for exactly how I felt. There was no mistaking the images, nor the "meaning," no matter what language one speaks. There staring back at us on the LED screen were four nearly perfect hearts, one after the other, followed by this beautiful "light-ship" made up of many, many light-balls.

Robbert then took a few more images and, again, these next four images contained brilliant, glowing hearts-but now with the addition of "light-ship" UFOs.

First heart with "light-ship" (original photo=top; with brightness &
contrast adjusted=bottom).

Second heart with "light-ship" (original photo=top; with brightness
& contrast adjusted=bottom).

Third heart with very faint outline of "light-ship." Tiny light-balls can
also be seen around edges of heart.

The heart was smaller in the fourth image, and the "light-ship" was clearer.
(Original=top; contrast adjusted=bottom.)

Robbert took a few more shots that night, all of which were abnormally
black. When "autofix" is applied to these, light-balls are visible.

When we looked back through these last photos we were both stunned. Although the LED screen is small Robbert saw the "UFOs" immediately and exclaimed, "look, look, there are UFOs in the hearts." I asked what it meant...what did the UFOs in the hearts mean? Instantly he replied, "we come with love." We come with love...

For readers who can accept, as I do, that these events around Robbert are real, he wants you to know what he believes in his heart is the most critical aspect for all of us to understand -- that the people on earth "are sleeping," and that "they [we] make up their [our] own truths" -- concepts of reality which are not real, and which serve us badly. It is time for us to become "more grown up" and begin to live a "more real" life. It's time to allow the power of love to be a more important part of our lives.

I don't feel that I, personally, am a particularly "enlightened" person and I'm certainly no authority on spiritual matters. But I can tell you that when I try to get Robbert to further describe his experience of this "energy" or "presence" all he can manage to say is that it is "love." And when I have been sitting with him at such times and he says the word "love" I know he is saying, I can feel that he is saying, what he has experienced.


This report could not have been prepared without the assistance of many people. Robbert and I thank members of the Dutch crop circle organization (DCCA), in particular Peter Vanlaerhoven, Richard van Rijswijk and Sjaak Damen, and their friends whose testimony regarding the "UFO" photos appears both on the DCCA web-site and in Frontier magazine. Our gratitude is also extended to Hermien Swarts & Frans van Aart.

We are grateful also for the use of the "UFO" photos taken by Robbert with Dr. William Roll's camera and are especially grateful to Roy Boschman for his helpful support.

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