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- PART 3 -

"UFO" Photos On 5 Different Cameras

7/11/09 - Robbert takes a photo with his friend Roy Boschman's camera, as Roy
walks around ring of 2nd Standdaarbuiten crop circle.

In 2009 three crop circles appeared in the exact field at Standdaarbuiten next to which Robbert had been "deposited" in 2003 by a glowing ball of light. The first of these 2009 circles occurred on July 1, a small group of 4 circles; the second appeared on July 7th, slightly farther into the field, and consisted of an elliptically-flattened center with three narrow and somewhat irregular rings around it, two close to the center and the other several meters distant.

When I arrived toward the end of July I looked for obviously-elongated apical (top) nodes and/or expulsion cavities (holes blown out at the lower nodes in the plant stems) in the plants in these formations, but could see neither. [These are the two visible plant changes known to be associated with genuine crop circles.] If apical node elongation was present it was subtle (as has been the case in some genuine crop formations) and would have required extensive sampling to ascertain.

I did observe, in close-up photos taken immediately after the circles occurred, that there were many examples of plants stem nodes bending either down toward the ground or swirled around circular components (rather than being bent upward, as would be the case if caused over time by natural plant recovery processes known as photo- and/or gravitropism).

7/1/09-First crop circle at Standdaarbuiten in 2009.
Photo: Peter Vanlaerhoven

7/7/09 - Second crop circle in same field, directly beneath electricity
transmissionwires; 3-circle "signature" was part of this
formation. Photo: Roy Boschman

Red arrow points to downward-bending plant stem node--a plant change which,
when present immediately, indicates effect caused by plasma discharge.
Photo: Roy Boschman

It was in this field, on July 11th, that Robbert took the first "UFO" photos out in a crop circle field in 2009. Robbert's friend, Roy Boschman, had not yet seen the formations and the two men drove to the field in the early evening, while it was still light. Roy took a few photos (all normal) after they arrived at the field and then handed his Sony DSC-S750 camera to Robbert. The camera was set in "auto" mode.

Roy then began walking around the large narrow ring around the second formation and Robbert began taking photos. As is often the case the first few shots were normal. Then, in the photo just prior to the first "UFO," the image is somewhat darker than the others and also slightly out-of-focus, the next five photos containing what most people would identify as a UFO.

In this case Roy was not standing right with Robbert, but had gone off into the field by himself. And so the argument can be made that Robbert somehow "faked" these images. But, as will be seen, many "UFO" images began to appear repeatedly as Robbert used several people's cameras throughout the summer -- and in those cases (including the instances when Robbert was using my camera) the camera-owners and multiple other witnesses were standing near Robbert and watching him closely.

7/11/09 - Shot prior to one in which "UFOs" began to appear. Note that
photo is darker than others & slightly out of focus.

7/11/09 - Next shot in series, "UFO #1" enters field of view.

7/11/09 - Next shot, "UFO #2" is solid enough to obscure transmission tower.

7/11/09 - "UFO #3," Robbert turns toward Roy & "UFO" now seems to be
directly over Roy's head.

7/11/09 - "UFO #4," next shot in series.

7/11/09 - "UFO #5," last "UFO" to appear on Roy's camera.

7/11/09 - Shot immediately following "UFO" series.

By July 20th a third and fourth formations had appeared in Standdaarbuiten, the third one in a field nearby and the fourth one back in this same field not far from the first two.

Aerial photo of Standdaarbuiten field showing where Robbert awoke (top)
after 2003 BOL encounter & 2009 formations #1, part of #2 (bottom) and #4,
all in same field. Photo: Roy Boschman.

7/20/09 - 4th formation at Standdaarbuiten (3rd one in this field).
Spiral lay in large center circle. Photos: Roy Boschman

On the evening of July 27th Robbert v/d Broeke and I accompanied Dutch Crop Circle Archive (DCCA) members Peter Vanlaerhoven and Sjaak Damen (who was collecting seed-heads for a nutrition evaluation) and two female friends to the field at Standaarbuiten where Robbert had a few days earlier taken the "UFO" photos with Roy Boschman's camera.

Using Peter's Canon PowerShot A-520 camera on this evening (set in "auto" mode) Robbert took the following photos over a 7-minute time period, while in full view of all of us. Testimony from the witnesses on this night has been posted on the DCCA website ( and appears also in the September/October 2009 issue of the Dutch magazine "Frontier" (, all witnesses stating they saw the images immediately after they were taken and were certain the photos appeared spontaneously and without any manipulation on the part of Robbert.

With so many witnesses present this time there is no question the photos are genuine. The "UFOs," although not seen visually by anyone present (including Robbert), simply appeared on Peter Vanlaerhoven's camera during the approx. 7 minutes Robbert was using it. Photos taken by Peter just prior to, and following, the "UFO" images are all normal.

7/27/09 - Standdaarbuiten (10:18pm), "UFO" #1 on Peter Vanlaerhoven's camera.

7/27/09 - Standdaarbuiten (4 minutes later), "UFO" #2 on Peter's camera.

7/27/09 - Standdaarbuiten (6 seconds later), "UFO" #3 on Peter's camera.

7/27/09 - Standdaarbuiten (almost 3 minutes later), "UFO" #4 on Peter's camera.

Although only 7 minutes (+/- a few seconds) had elapsed during this session, the last "UFO" image is very different from the first three. Many more of this type would appear when Robbert was using my own camera over the next two weeks.

A few nights after Robbert got the "UFO" images on Peter's camera we were again at the Standdaarbuiten field and a number of visitors had arrived to inspect the crop circles. At one point I had left the field and gone to the car where I spent some time talking with Frans van Aart, one of the visitors. He had brought his own camera along (a Canon PowerShot A-710 IS) and I encouraged him to ask Robbert to take a few photos with it while they were out in the circles.

One "UFO" appeared on Frans' camera. It appears to be nestled down inside one of the smaller circles in the field.

8/3/09 - Standdaarbuiten (11:37pm), "UFO" which appeared on Frans van Aart's
camera. (White dot, upper left, is the full moon.)


7/25/09 - New multi-circle pictogram appears near Zavenbergen.
Photo: Peter Vanlaerhoven, DCCA

Robbert photographed two other "UFOs" on two other cameras belonging to Dutch crop circle researchers, but at the Zavenbergen crop circle field about 10 miles away from Standdaarbuiten. While I had been en route to Holland I had the very strong feeling that a crop circle would appear at Zavenbergen -- but had no idea it was actually occuring while I was half-way across the Atlantic.

A lovely crop circle had also appeared in 2007 near Zavenbergen and Robbert had taken some amazing photos that year (see "Light Rings" section, He'd also taken other amazing images, some of which will be included in the upcoming BLT report about Robbert's photos of people who have died. I suppose it was the "Light Ring" images Robbert took at Zavenbergen in 2007 which made me feel the area was special in some way -- but, for whatever reason, I felt a strong attraction to these fields.

7/25/09 - Lay detail in one of the smaller circles at Zavenbergen.
Photo: Roy Boschman

On Saturday, July 25th, Robbert and I and DCCA members Sjaak Damen, Richard van Rijswijk (with his friend Pascal) and Peter Vanlaerhoven all visited the Zavenbergen field, arriving at about 8: 30 pm. Everyone present reported feeling very strong energies in the formation and I developed such a strong burning sensation in my right thigh I eventually had to actually leave the field. On this night Robbert took two more photos of "UFOs" and Peter Vanlaerhoven reports actually seeing -- with his eyes -- a bluish, solid-looking "UFO" right behind Robbert at the same moment Robbert felt its presence and then took one of the photos below.

7/25/09 - Zavenbergen, "UFO" taken with Richard van Rijswijk's camera
(Nikon "Coolpix S10").

7/25/09 - Zavenbergen, "UFO" which appeared on Sjaak Damen's camera
(HP "PhotoSmart C850 (V07.33)).

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