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Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

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- PART 2 -
Blue Light Balls, a "Cosmic Synchronicity"
& an Indigo Creature

Indigo-colored creature appeared as Robbert took photos with TV
crew's Nikon digital camera.

There were two occasions in 2012 when Robbert was actually present at the field when new formations occurred. Although he always seems to "feel" when a new formation is getting ready to occur, he only occasionally can get to the specific field in time to witness the formation as it occurs.

Here is the first eyewitness case in 2012. On the night of May 15th-16th Robbert felt a strong urge to go to the area of his "special" field (the one in Hoeven where at the age of 15 he saw his first circle forming) and he called both Roy and Stan, asking them to go with him. Roy drove up on the dike next to the field and all three men got out of the car and searched for a new circle -- but could find nothing. Robbert then felt a "pressure" on his head and shoulders and became aware of a strong "presence" close by. He decided he needed to be alone to make contact with this "presence" and asked Roy and Stan to drive back down the farm road a short distance, which they did.

As Robbert stood alone on the dike for a few minutes he tried to "send" the energy he began "connecting with" toward the car where Roy and Stan were waiting. Suddenly, however, he felt the "presence" intensifying to a point where he actually got a little nervous -- and he called out for Roy and Stan to come back quickly. Immediately after this he saw (visually) an "indigo" blue/slightly purple soccer-ball-sized light come zipping in just over the trees at the edge of the field to his left, and then saw this indigo ball bounce down to the field surface and back up quickly several times, before shooting straight up and disappearing.

At this exact moment Roy and Stan were driving back up the road next to the field and Stan also saw (visually) the blue/purple light-ball bouncing up and down over the grass...and as the car reached the dike he jumped out and asked Robbert if he'd seen the light-ball too?

Robbert replied that he had but then became aware of additional "activity" in the air above the field, sensing a "design hanging" over the field. Then, out of the corners of his eyes, he saw -- just for an instant -- vertical and horizontal white "geometrical stripes" flash very quickly on/off over the field.

All three men then walked down into this field on the left and immediately discovered a new long "pictogram" in the lush grass. They all reported that, in spite of the fact that it was cold and their shoes were wet, their feet and legs had become instantly quite warm as they entered the formation.

Smaller blue BOL (lens-flare?), similar in color to the light-ball seen by Robbert
& Stan the night before, occurs in photo the next morning.

Double center tufts in a small circle in the May 16th "indigo light-ball" crop
formation near Robbert's "special" field.

A "Cosmic Synchronicity?"

On Wednesday, September 5th, as I was working on the May 16th circle section of this report, Robbert and I were also talking on SKYPE together. Suddenly, at about 7:00pm my time (but 1:00am Thursday, September 6th HOLLAND time), Robbert got a certain look on his face I've seen many times before, and said, "I've got a restless feeling...something is sucking me out of the house...I have to go to the fields." From past experience we both knew that most likely a new crop formation was coming.

Robbert phoned Stan and asked if he would go with him and, as he was putting on his jacket to go pick up Stan (and after he'd ended our SKYPE connection), he saw (in his "mind's eye") the field where the new circle would appear -- and it was the exact field I was writing about here in the States as Robbert left his apartment.

Robbert didn't know I was working on this report -- I had said nothing about what I was doing while we talked. And in all the years dozens of circles have been appearing in fields in Robbert's general area, the May 16th, 2012 crop formation is the only one to have ever ever appeared in this particular field. But at around 11:30 pm MY time (5:30 am Dutch time) Robbert skyped me back to tell me there was now a 2nd, brand new crop circle in this exact same field.

Sept. 6, 2012-Hoeven, new formation in same field as May 16th circle
which Nancy was writing about as Robbert "felt" this new one
coming. Photo: Yvonne Raaijmakers & Ronald Sikking

Detail of one section of new Sept. 6th formation.

Sept. 6th formation had several centers with "twisted" tufts.

In Robbert's "vision" as he was leaving to pick up Stan he not only saw the exact field, he also saw a white disc-shaped "light-ship" sitting a few meters above the dike next to this field, and three laser-like tubes of light shooting down to the field's surface -- light tubes he describes as being somewhat similar to images that had appeared in photos he had taken in 2009 using my camera at Standdaarbuiten (see Part 4, of the "UFO" Photos report:

One of a series of "UFO" photos taken by Robbert with my camera
in 2009, in which a similar light-tube shooting down
to the field appeared.

Another of the 2009 Standdaarubiten "UFO" photos with a light-tube
extending down to the crop surface.

When Robbert returned from finding this new formation in the exact same Hoeven field where the May 16th pictogram had appeared (the field I had been writing about when he left to go find the new circles), and I told him I thought this was rather coincidental, he just laughed and said, "cosmic synchronicity."

- TV Producer Gets a Surprise in Same Field -

Nine days later (Sept. 15, 2012) an even stranger event occurred in this same field. A TV producer in the Netherlands, John Consemulder, had heard about the photo experiment Robbert's friend Stan had conducted on the night the images of two deceased crop circle people (original UK crop circle researcher Pat Delgado and UK circle hoaxer Dave Chorley) had "manifested" in Robbert's apartment. In Stan's experiment he videotaped continuously as Robbert took 3 photos with his digital camera, clearly showing first that the digital camera had a blank chip in it, that nothing was painted on the digital camera's lens and that Robbert held nothing in front of the lens while being videotaped (see Stan's video with English titles in Part 2:

The Dutch TV producer wanted to attempt to replicate Stan's experiment, hoping that some kind of anomalous image might occur when Robbert was using the producer's Nikon digital camera while being simultaneously videotaped. The producer wanted to videotape Robbert in this same Hoeven field, inside the September 8th circle, to try his experiment.

With Mr. Consemulder and his cameraman and Robbert's friend Stan all watching, and in broad daylight, Robbert was handed the TV producer's digital camera and then took a few photos -- the first two of which resulted in these images:

Sept. 15th: first photo taken by Robbert in Sept. 8th Hoeven crop circle, using
TV producer's Nikon digital camera & being simultaneously videotaped.
Top = original photo; Bottom = contrast enhanced.

Second image taken by Robbert on Sept. 15th with TV producer's digital camera.
Top = original photo; bottom = contrast enhanced.

Nobody (including Robbert) saw this "creature" with their eyes. It appeared only on the digital camera handed to Robbert by the TV producer seconds before Robbert took these photos. The indigo creature did not appear on the videotape either, although the video continued recording Robbert until he stopped taking digital photos. And both digital images of the indigo creature were seen by all present on the Nikon's LED screen immediately after Robbert had stopped taking photos.

As usual, Robbert had felt this creature's "presence" and described the sensation as a feeling of pressure on his head and shoulders and a tingling sensation on his skin -- which was particularly strong in the lymph node area where the lower jaw meets the bottom of both ears.

None of us had ever seen this indigo "being" before, but I was struck by the fact that both Robbert and Stan had seen a blue/purple light ball bouncing down to this field as the May 16th formation was formed -- and this creature is exactly that same color and it "manifested" in the same field. I wish I knew what, if any, connection there is between the light-balls, the crop circles, and the creatures. It gets harder and harder to ignore the likelihood that there IS a connection.


[For the preliminary reports of all 2012 Dutch circles see the Crop Circle Connector:; for these reports in Dutch & more field photos see Robbert's web-site: For more details (in Dutch) regarding this indigo creature's appearance on the TV producer's digital camera see Nov. 9 and Nov. 12 entries in "Nieuws" section of Robbert's website: To read all of the reports about Robbert in ENGLISH, these are listed at the bottom of Robbert's page on the BLT website:]


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