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by Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

Date Formed: March 12-13, 2007
Date Found: March 13th, 9:30 a.m.
Location: Outskirts of Hoeven, Holland
Crop: Grasses
Photos, Diagram: Peter Vanlearhoven, Andreas Muller
Description: One large 7m-diameter circle with two smaller 1m diam. satellite circles spaced 0.5m distance from larger circle. The two smaller circles placed like "ears" on one side of the larger circle. All circles were swirled counter-clockwise.

Peter van den Broeke reports that on the afternoon of March 12th his son, Robbert (who over the past 14 years has witnessed many crop circles forming) had a very strong feeling that "something" was about to occur. In the past when Robbert has experienced this sensation (which usually intensifies over several days until it is quite acute) a new crop formation has occurred somewhere near Hoeven, after which the sensation disappears. This time he told his parents that the feeling was exceptionally strong and he therefore went out on his bike to see if he could find a new circle.

Robbert went to several locations where, in the past, crop circles have appeared, but saw nothing in the fields. Returning home in the late afternoon the sensation continued, in spite of the fact that he had found no new formation. At about 9:30 pm on the night of March 12th, while sitting on the living room couch wide awake, Robbert suddenly experienced a "vision," in which he clearly saw a new crop circle being formed.

He reports seeing a very large UFO hovering over a field about 4-500m away from his "special field," a site on the outskirts of Hoeven, where many anomalous events have taken place in the past (for another recent event in this same area, see The UFO was shooting multiple light-balls down toward the field and it was the light-balls which created the crop circle. Curiously, Robbert called these light-balls "satellites," a term he has not used before.

Robbert then told his parents about his "vision" and drew a diagram of what the new crop circle would look like. As it was now getting late (10pm or so) and quite dark, they waited until the next morning when Robbert's father found the new formation.

Diagram by Andreas Muller, based on field
measurements reported by Peter v/d Broeke.

Robbert and I have been in these fields during many summers and there are many high-tension power lines in the area. In 2001 we carried out an electromagnetometer-geomagnetometer survey (for Dr. William Roll) in these fields and observed sharp spikes in our readings when we were directly beneath the power lines, but these readings dropped to "normal" only 4-5m away. We did not find any EM abnormalities in the fields around the lines, even in the fields where crop circles existed that year, or in fields where they had previously occurred.

Close-up of center swirl in large circle.
Photo: Peter Vanlearhoven

One of the small circles.
Photo: Peter Vanlearhoven

ADDENDUM: In a phone conversation today (March 19th) Robbert v/d Broeke added a few details regarding the "vision" he experienced the night before finding the new crop circle. Although Robbert has in the past occasionally seen (visually) aerial objects that he has perceived as "UFOs," and in a few cases has observed these "making" crop circles, most of the incidents he has witnessed which have resulted in the appearance of new crop circles involve "light-balls"--not solid-looking craft.

This time is different. He described to me a very large, solid-looking ("like a car") slightly yellow "space-ship" hovering over the field, which emitted five small "satellite" objects which went down to the field, actually creating the crop circle. These small spheres were also solid-looking (like metal) and had "things sticking out all over them" (which is why he used the term satellites). He further reports that the energy in this crop circle was "very strong." Inside the circle he felt light-headed (as if his head was "flying above [his] shoulders") and his feet and legs felt "tingly" (a sensation that others have reported in some new crop circles). When I asked if the "energy" was good or bad, he said it was "positive."

Bart, a crop circle researcher from Belgium, also called today to tell me he had visited the Hoeven crop circle on March 18th. Bart also felt that the energy in this formation was "very strong" and says that he felt a "heavy weight" pressing down on him while lying in the center of the large circle. He also experienced a tingling sensation in his solar plexus during the whole time (approx. 20 minutes) he was inside the large circle. Today, 30 hours later, he still feels a little disoriented.



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