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Blackened Seed-Heads in Circle w/Same Bizarre
Shape as UFO
  (posted OCTOBER, 2013)

Seed-heads in this 2006 B.C. (Canada) crop formation appear to be only the 2nd case of actual "burning" of crop circle plants. A reliable eyewitness reports a bizarrely-shaped UFO just before dawn of the same day this circle--which had "exactly the same design" as the UFO--was discovered later that day. A large green spherical UFO was photographed from inside this circle & its rare lay pattern was also found duplicated in another Canadian crop mark weeks later. Details >>

2009 UK Crop Circles Show Effects of Plasma
  (posted APRIL 2010)

Plants in some of the most dramatic crop formations in England, 2009, including some of the new "pictorial" designs, show clear evidence of exposure to microwaves. Four of the scientifically-documented, visible plant changes associated with authenticity are described in detail & illustrated in photos. Details >>

Two Very Large Snow Formations Found in Holland
(posted DECEMBER 2009)

"Crop circles" in snow have been reported occasionally but have never before been as complex or as large as these two discovered near Hoeven. Fieldworkers report no sign of human footprints, no marks in the centers of the circular rings -- and close-up photos show the bottom inch or two of snow in the rings to be intact. Details >>

Vancouver BC Crop Circle

Two More Formations on Vancouver Island, B.C.
in 2008
  (posted AUGUST 2008)

In the same area as the Quamichan Lake formation and within 10 miles of Duncan, B.C., two more crop formations have been found. In one, intact dandelion seed-heads are found, in the other standing clumps of plants wrapped like ribbon. A tube of light is also reported. Details >>

Minnesota Crop Circle

Minnesota Formations Associated with Aerial Light
  (posted JULY 2008)

Although two crop formations which occurred near Fosston, MN in July of 2008 were both initially thought to be mechanically flattened upon field investigation, a reliable report of an unusual aerial light witnessed quite close at hand just 27 hrs. before the second formation occurred has caused us to re-examine our initial conclusions. Details >>

Quamichan Lake Area, BC, CANADA

Canada Circle in Grasses & Reintroduced Wild Prairie
  (posted JULY 2008)

Massive node-elongation found in crop formation near Quamichan Lake in southern British Columbia. Only the previously cultivated plants were affected, the native prairie plants left untouched. Details >>

Amazing Events in Crop Circle Field at "Woodenhead"
(posted JUNE 2007)

Witnesses see Robbert v/d Broeke disappear in front of them as a small glowing red ball of light suddenly appears next to him out in a crop circle field in southern Holland. Multiple crop formations appear in this field over the summer, several with a strange white powder deposited in their centers. Details >>

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