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by Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

Robbert van den Broeke
Robbert van den Broeke in an August, 2001 "cross" formation
in dry wheat in Hoeven. Plant stem nodes are bent
downward throughout. Photo: P. v/d Broeke

Much of the Robbert van den Broeke research has
been made possible through the very generous
support of Lewis Christian Bohn.

Listen to the v/d Broeke family tell about witnessing, over many years, constant
phenomena in their home since Robbert was a child.

Note: In this clip an interviewer mentions a 1997 light-ball incident & incorrectly states material
apparently deposited by the BOL (which was analzyed by BLT) was "magnesium oxide."
Instead, it was determined to be "laboratory-grade," 99.99% pure, magnesium
carbonate. See: eyewitness7.php and 2009whitepowder.php.

As far as is known Robbert van den Broeke, a young Dutchman who lives in the southern Netherlands' village of Hoeven, is singular in his ability to consistently and accurately predict the appearance of new crop formations in his general vicinity. Now 28 years old (2008), he has since early adolescence experienced "visions" which contain both the location and the design of the new crop circle accompanied by a clear sense that the new formation is either occurring at that precise moment or that it will occur soon. In the days just prior to these experiences he generally feels a build-up of physical and/or mental "angst" (nervousness and tension) which dissipates once the crop circle has actually formed.

Over the years he has also visually witnessed many crop circles forming, often accompanied by dramatic light phenomena -- although not the same light anomalies in every case. In both daytime and at night he has watched single or multiple spheres of usually bright white or yellowish light hovering over a field (often in the past the field directly behind his parents' home) under which the plants suddenly flatten creating a new crop circle. Sometimes he reports seeing simply one or multiple flashes of light, after which a new circle or a more complex formation has been found in the field.

October, 1998-Robbert & 8m diam. mustard-seed circle found in field
behind v/d Broeke home (arrow). Photo: Peter v/d Broeke

Delicate mustard-seed plants are gently flattened but not damaged
throughout the circle. Photo: Peter v/d Broeke

Soils from this circle contained both clusters of 10 micron-diam. (L), & also larger,
pure iron magnetic spheres (R). Photomicrograph (100x): W.C. Levengood

In several cases he has witnessed highly energetic tubes of light descend to the crop surface, resulting in a new formation; for a report on one instance of these witnessed tubes of light, see:

In June of 1999, over a period of two weeks, he observed three circles appear in the same field -- the first two on different nights and the third a week or so later during the afternoon. The first circle involved a "pinkish-purple" football-shaped light which flew in at night down low over the field, then became stationary immediately behind his house, subsequently elongating into a hovering disc-shaped light. Robbert states clearly that this disc-shaped object was a "light" (not a solid-looking UFO-type object) and that after hovering briefly over the same spot it discharged an "energy" (which he described to me as looking "like the shuttle") down to the crop surface, creating a new circle. In this circle the ground was still warm to the touch when he reached it, less than a minute after it appeared. Analysis of the plants from this circle (by two different scientists) revealed dramatic proof of the exposure of the circle plants to an electromagnetic energy source. Michigan biophysicist W.C. Levengood found that the apical (top) node-length elongation of the circle plants decreased from the circle center out to the edges as would be predicted by the well-known Beer-Lambert model (which mathematically predicts the absorption of EM energy by matter).

Sample plants (and their controls) taken along 3 diameters of 1999
Hoeven circle, drying down before shipment to the U.S.
Photo: N.Talbott

Mean values of radial sampling show apical node-length changes in
plant stems from 1999 Hoeven circle are as predicted by the
Beer-Lambert model. Graph: W.C. Levengood.

A few nights later Robbert observed simply a "flash of light" out in the same field, and a new circle was found near the first one. And one afternoon a week or so later he noticed a very bright, yellowish sphere of light hovering in a corner of this field, around which the air was distorted in the same manner as around mirages in the desert; as it suddenly "blinked out" he saw a new circle with multiple straight pathways radiating away from it flatten into the crop just beneath where the yellowish sphere had been.

Many of the crop circles which he has either sensed or visually observed occurring have been plain circles or fairly simple groupings of different-sized circles, but many of the formations have been considerably more complex in overall "design." They regularly appear in a wide range of plants, including grasses, wheat, corn (maize), spinach, string-beans and many other crops, often arriving as early in the growing season as April and as late as November.

A "cross" formation in wheat which appeared on the birthday
of one of Robbert's Uncles who had died several months
earlier. Photo: Peter v/d Broeke.

A center "nest" & node bending (in totally dry crop) seen everywhere
in the circles in this "Cross." Photo: Peter v/d Broeke

May 17, 2006. Multiple circles form a "thought-bubble"
in spinach field in Hoeven, Holland. Photo: Peter v/d Broeke

Snow circles have also appeared occasionally in winter out in the field behind Robbert's home, and in 2009 several huge snow formations were found in the area of Robbert's "special" field (the place where he first witnessed light-balls creating a crop circle in his early teens). These snow formations are the largest yet known, one being 60 meters long and another 140 meters ( Comparison of snow samples taken from within the rings to controls taken outside them (by FT-IR spectroscopy) revealed no chemical differences whatsoever nor any explanation as to how these rings were formed.

The first of two massive snow formations found in December, 2009,
at Robbert's "special" field. Photo: Roy Boschman.

Since 2005-06 he reports with increasing frequency the direct involvement of solid-looking "UFO-like" objects (which he either observes visually or "sees" in his mind's eye) present during the creation of crop circles. See report of a March, 2007 incident: He also states that he increasingly experiences both a "UFO" energy (a vibrant, intense sort of feeling) and a "Mary" energy (also intense, but gentle and very loving) as being present both at the time when specific crop circles are forming and afterwards, when he visits the new formations in the fields:

Robbert van den Broeke
Robbert out in the fields (October 2008).
Photo: Nancy Talbott.

In addition to Robbert's unique recognition of the presence of these unidentified energies which are apparently present just before and during the appearance of crop circles (and often remnant afterwards in the fields), Robbert increasingly exhibits other highly unusual sensitivities. He has become known in Holland as a "medium" of considerable ability (a person with enhanced psychic talent) and now regularly sees clients who have requested healing sessions and/or "readings" (for which there are long waiting lists).

This ability to somehow "know" a very wide variety of highly personal facts about anyone can be startling, but I see that he cannot always stop this information from surfacing in his mind's eye. One afternoon at his home I was brushing my teeth in the upstairs wash-room and experienced this situation personally. I had left the door open and Robbert walked by, on his way downstairs. He stopped suddenly and asked me if I had any false teeth? He and I had never discussed such things before and he had no way of knowing that I have for many years had a partial dental bridge (which is semi-permanent and cemented in place). I'm sure the only reason he became aware of it on this occasion was because--for just that instant his attention, his focus, was drawn to my teeth.

In the spring of 2008 I visited Holland during Easter. Because Robbert has little interest in most material possessions I have rarely thought to bring him a present, but just before this trip I had a sudden urge to bring him an Easter basket. Not knowing for sure whether the Dutch even knew about Easter baskets, I hand-carried a wicker basket, the yellow cellulose stuff one puts inside, ribbons, a chocolate Easter Bunny, multiple Easter eggs and jelly-beans, and several of the almost-fluorescent yellow marshmellow chickens my family has always called "peeps," and which my mother had regularly included in my Easter baskets when I was a child.

Upon arriving in Hoeven I immediately hid all of this material, since I wanted to surprise Robbert on Easter morning. I couldn't stop myself from telling him that I had brought him a present--about which he was curious--but we got involved in other things and he apparently forgot about it. A few afternoons later Robbert came into my room and asked, again, what this present was. Enjoying his curiosity I coyly stated that he had to "wait until Easter," forgetting entirely that it was Robbert I was dealing with. He, not in the least deterred, sat down at my little desk, focused himself for just a few seconds and then, picking up my pen, drew the sketch below. As is apparent, he "saw" even the little yellow "peeps" with their dark black eyes.

I think it is this same mechanism which provides Robbert with the information about the lives of his clients and which also lets him immediately recognize whether a new crop circle (in Holland or elsewhere) is "the real McCoy." All it takes is a moment of focus, a second or two of him paying attention and the information floods in.


Fade to Black

The Robbert van den Broeke case is not only the most complex situation we have encountered during our crop circle research, it also provides evidence that many (if not all) "anomalous" events currently labeled and thought of as separate situations are, in fact, various aspects of the same big unknown.

While staying with Robbert and his family every summer I have either witnessed personally or seen evidence of incidents which fall in categories such as "psychic" or "poltergeist" activity, "out-of-body" experiences, "remote viewing," physical "translocation," "lucid dreaming," "ghosts," crop circle formation and "UFO" and "ET" encounters, all of these events documented with thousands of highly unusual photographs taken by Robbert.

It seems more and more likely not only that these events are inter-related, but also that they involve some as-yet-unknown aspect of what we call "consciousness"--in Robbert's case one that is vastly expanded. Although we are working on a book in English both Robbert and I think that, in our increasingly visually-oriented world, a DVD might be a better vehicle to reach people. We hope that one or the other, or both, may be available not too far in the future.

Click on the video to listen while you read the reports.

- Individual reports are listed below, the most recent first -

An unknown man, possibly a "farmer," and Robbert v/d Broeke watch a brilliant UFO hover over a field for several minutes & then discharge visible "energy" down to the grass, creating a new "Quintux" circle. Later that night Robbert felt a "holy" presence at home & got a message he should "take photos," resulting in many images of one of the possible UFO occupants, followed by a Buddhist monk, Geshe-la (the first known LIVING human face to appear as Robbert feels these energies present), & a dog. A "Crown of Thorns" image also appeared thru FB as Robbert sent the new images, in spite of the fact that this photo was taken in 2014 & no longer exists on either Robbert's phone or computer. Details>>>

For about 10 yrs. some of Robbert's private clients have reported seeing him in their homes, when we are certain he was physically NOT there. For many years Robbert attributed these reports to "romantic" ideas of his clients, but his "bi-location" in Spain this April--during which his friend Stan actually took a photo--proves this is actually happening. Video documents multiple witnesses describing their particular experiences. Details>>>

Many circle enthusiasts have the mistaken idea that all genuine crop circles (those not mechanically flattened) must be "geometrically" precise & have tidy "lays" of the plants, which the BLT scientific plant work indicates is untrue. In fact, the plants in these "messy" ccs--which were seen being created by light-balls--are found to have all the visible plant changes regularly documented in the "real McCoy." Details>>>

Crop circle enthusiasts have long hoped for a video showing a genuine crop circle being made. On August 10, 2016 Dutch "medium" Robbert v/d Broeke finally captured such an event-in this case showing a brilliant yellow light-ball descending to the crop surface, in broad daylight-creating a small new "satellite" circle in the same field where a larger crop formation already existed. Video & Details>>>

For 20 years Robbert has taken a huge variety of anomalous photos, among them many images of well-known spiritual symbols and icons--including Jesus, Mary, the Pope, church clerics & monks, angels & crosses. Some of these symbols have also appeared in Dutch crop circles. In 2013 just before Good Friday he took a truly stunning series of photos in which unique and highly symbolic images manifested, accompanied by a clear spiritual message. Details>>>

Easter, & in particular Good Friday, have always had special significance for Robbert. Although Jesus and Mary images have appeared on his camera at other times, they & many other spiritual icons appeared on Good Friday, 2014. Another amazing series of Mary images, taken in January, 2015, is included, & the camera's incorrectly-dated file data in this sort of photo is discussed. Details>>>

In 2012 Nancy watched (via Skype) a strange red mark appear on Robbert's forehead after his return from finding a new crop circle. Since then other marks have appeared on his body, some of which seem to be associated with "UMMO" beings and 2 well-documented UFO cases. This section includes more red marks, photos of an "UMMO" being and videos in which "Jesus" & an "EVP" voice appear. Details>>>

People interested in anomalous phenomena & "outside the box" subjects know about debunking efforts aimed at ridiculing people interested in, or who find themselves involved in, inexplicable events. For many years Robbert and his family endured scurrilous & tasteless public attacks. Now these attempts to discredit Robbert have escalated.

Most of the earlier debunking was aimed primarily at Robbert's Dutch supporters, but since moving to his own apartment his computer has been repeatedly "hacked" -- and in the last few years Nancy Talbott's computer has been affected also. Nasty emails have been sent not just to Nancy, but to some people on her email and Skype lists, purporting to have come from Robbert (who doesn't know the other people or their email and/or Skype addresses).

In 2013 it became clear that Robbert & Nancy's Skype conversations are also being monitored and a series of curious -- and then unwelcome -- images & messages began appearing through Nancy's Skype. One photo in particular is truly mysterious -- it even caused Robbert to remark that it's cyberspace existence was "weird."

And other very interesting things have also been happening. "Automatic" file data on R's digital cameras is increasingly altered by the "energies" which cause the anomalous photos (data indicate photos are taken in the future) and stationary videocameras bolted to tripods have somehow completely changed the direction & angle of their lens...all by themselves.

Finally our best explanation for the 10-years-ago not so mysterious (to us) "Genverbrander" event. Details>>>

In 2013, for the first time, Robbert got a "message" that apples taken into various crop circles appearing in his area by people visiting these formations might develop the same anomalous markings which have been occurring on apples in his family's kitchen for many years. These marks seem to be related to a wide variety of inexplicable events which occur constantly around Robbert, including the regular appearance of new crop formations.

The re-appearance of Robbert's personal spiritual "guide" in his home in July, 2013 and the message she gave Robbert seem to be connected to these markings which subsequently appeared on apples brought into 2013 circles by many visitors. Although "Doya's" physical appearance had been known only to Robbert until 2008, her image appeared several times on Nancy Talbott's camera in a Zevenbergen field, shortly after Nancy had asked if Robbert was still in contact with "Doya."

There were many significant Dutch crop formations in 2013, one of which was witnessed forming by both Robbert and his friend Stan, under a flashing "UFO" and in the presence of 2 tall, 3-eyed beings. In another, Robbert was picked up from his motorbike, apparently by a rotating light-ball, and deposited unconscious in a just-formed circle. And there were two incredible maize formations in which the crop "lay" was spectacular, with many expulsion cavities found in the stalk nodes. Details>>>

Robbert v/d Broeke has, since the mid-1970s, visually seen dozens of crop circles form, but he is usually alone when they occur. In 2001 & 2006 Nancy saw new circles form while with Robbert and in 2008 & 2013 Robbert's friend Stan also saw circles form while with Robbert. Now Roy Boschman is another witness, watching as 5 circles open up only meters in front of him & Robbert, in a brilliant flash of light. Details>>>

Although Robbert v/d Broeke has visually seen many crop circles forming, both with attendant light-balls & by UFOs, he had no supporting witnesses until 2008 when a friend was with him one night & also saw 6 orange light-balls make a circle in grass. In 2013, Robbert & this same friend watched a brilliant UFO drop 4 light-balls (with 2 huge "creatures" present) & make a 44 ft.-long "pictogram." Details>>>

A 7m diameter crop circle in maize was found in the early morning hours of July 16th. When the aerial photographer went to the field 3 days later to get aerial shots, the circle had essentially disappeared. BLT professional plant consultants cannot explain the curvature in the maize plants & think it unlikely that gravitropism alone can account for the plants' recovery. Details>>>

In 2010 U.S. filmmaker William Gazecki filmed Robbert getting photos of Aaron Russo & John Lennon (also 2 unknown "beings") on his digital camera. In 2012 a Dutch producer taped Robbert & a blue "ET" appeared and in 2014 Robbert's friend Stan & U.S. filmmaker Dan Drasin documented both EVP pioneer Friedrich Juergenson & NASA's Neil Armstrong appearing. Details>>>

Highly respected scientists & academics involved in the study of "Psi" concepts are increasingly producing evidence that many anomalous phenomena may represent aspects of psychic functioning. In 2008 we carried out trials with Robbert during which he demonstrated multiple "Psi" abilities, and we wonder if his ability to predict new circles is another aspect of these talents, or--as he believes--something else entirely? Details>>>

3,000+ miles clearly is no impediment when it comes to communication between a really special "medium" and a friend he has helped understand that an ocean between them means nothing at all. Read how Robbert photographs a heart that Nancy "sends" him. Details>>>

Although at home in Holland more than 6,000 miles away, Robbert v/d Broeke was able to accurately "see" many details regarding a mechanical-looking crop circle in Chualar, California (including his immediate knowledge that it was man-made) days before any details were made public -- simply by looking at an aerial photograph. Details>>>

In January 2010, inside the locked v/d Broeke home in Holland, a huge "Atlas" moth was found covered in the same white powder which has appeared in Dutch crop circles. Hours later a butterfly, also indigenous only to S.E. Asia, descended outside in the freezing air--apparently transported inside a light-ball--impacting the windshield of a car. One year later, in January 2011, the first two Indonesian crop circles were discovered. Details>>>

2nd video (English sub-titles) of Robbert describing how he found these 3 circles (July 31, Aug. 7 & 18) and the energies he felt were associated with them. He tells about a big white "misty" disc hovering over a field where he then found a complex triangular formation with many "satellite" circles, and then in another field (where another complex circle appeared) feeling a "half-bird/half-man" energy--and he tells about a "leader" who represents "interplanetary brotherhood." Video>>>

Video (with English sub-titles) of Robbert walking thru a few of the Dutch circles this summer, telling how he lost consciousness & was picked up & then put down inside the July 14th circle in Hoeven. He also walks through the 3 formations which appeared a week later, on the night of July 21st, explaining what he saw (both visually and in his "third" eye), the strange noises he heard, the physical "tingling" in his body--and describes the different "energies" he felt in each formation. A "2013 Dutch Overview" report will be posted here as soon as possible. Video>>>

Since Robbert's move last year he has been unable to see many of his regular clients for "readings" and "healing" sessions. In a vision one night he got the "message" that he should make cards available to whomever might want one, containing an image of his thumbprint made at the exact moment he was in contact with the unconditional loving source which guides these sessions. Details>>

A wide range of increasingly bizarre events occurred in Holland in 2012. Part 1 covers the discovery again of the 99.99% pure hydromagnesite powder, various light phenomena observed in conjunction with the appearance of new circles, and Robbert and his friend Stan's astonishing experience of "grasshopper-headed" creatures--first in the field at a formation and, later, in Robbert's apartment. Details>>

Part 2 covers the first (of two) crop circles which formed immediately after Robbert & his friend Stan watched strange light activity over the field. Then an event which Robbert called a possible "cosmic synchronicity," followed by images of an indigo-colored creature which appeared while Robbert was being videotaped by a Dutch TV producer. Details>>

Part 3 covers two crop circles which included "spiritual" symbols, one found after the spontaneous movement of an iron cross in Robbert's apt. In 2010 a heavy speaker rocked by itself after images of John Lennon and an unknown being appeared as U.S. filmmaker Wm. Gazecki videotaped Robbert. Details>>

A 2nd eyewitness account of new circles forming, accompanied by brilliant light flashes & a "crackling" sound and a very strong "tingling" sensation in the witnesses' bodies, then a report of two tall translucent "light beings" seen visually by Robbert & Stan at another formation, and the beginning of the story about the dark red "symbols" which began to appear on Robbert's body this summer. Details>>

For the first time in the almost 18 years Robbert has been "knowing" when new crop circles are appearing, bright red marks have begun to manifest on his body after he returns from the fields. Nancy Talbott saw (via skype) the first mark as it developed--and then also heard Robbert's computer spontaneously play a video about a Russian UFO which had the same symbol on it as one also found on Robbert's chest. Details>>

"Apparitions" of two well-respected and now deceased British crop circle researchers contacted Robbert with an urgent "S.O.S." message for Colin Andrews and the whole crop circle community. They asked Robbert to make their message public immediately in the hope that the community will help Colin return to his true "intuition" and use laughter to relieve Colin's increasing burden of "negativity." Details>>

A woman whose brother died in 1962 happened to visit Robbert on the 50th anniversary of her brother's death--Robbert, using the woman's camera, captured images of this boy's favorite bird. A few nights later, on Good Friday, Robbert and I were on skype when a strong "tingling" began in both our bodies--and a short while later Robbert took a photo in which symbols associated with different faiths appeared over his head. The message he felt was "we all come from the same loving Source." Details>>

In April, 2012 the faces of two men, both deceased and neither of whom we might expect to see "together," appeared on Robbert's digital camera during a new experiment in which a video-camera taped Robbert the entire time. Non-local communication seems likely and a bizarre time aberration was documented. Details>>

Dutch medium Robbert v/d Broeke's long-awaited web-site is finally a reality. Although much of the text is in Dutch, some info is in English and everyone can enjoy the Dutch circle photos, new "anomaly" photos & amazing video clips. Details>>

Because of Robbert's many high-profile Dutch TV appearances a number of years ago and the very strong response from thousands of viewers, the well- known Dutch TV personality Sandra Reemer had heard of Robbert's abilities. She requested his help in dealing with a strange, unpleasant energy in her home -- a presence Robbert recognized as a man needing help to "go to the light." Details>>

Although Dutch medium Robbert v/d Broeke has never been to the U.S. and knows no one in the State of Virginia--and also does not read or write in English--he somehow "saw" that a grass circle found in Hardy, VA on May 16th was made by the local paperboy, a brown-haired teenager named Mike. Details>>

A lovely 24m-long "pictogram" appears is grasses in southern Holland in association with Robbert v/d Broeke's awareness of the "energy presence" of St. Francis of Assisi and several "little animals." Photos of the formation and Robbert's images of a "monk-like" figure & various "animals" are included. Details>>

Although blackened plants found in crop circles have been reported as "burned," previous analyses have shown this blackening was due to the opportunistic fungus Ustilago. Now a 2010 Dutch crop circle provides proof of actual burning. Details>>

Since early 2004 Robbert has been capturing human faces in photos, some of people we know who have died, others of people we do not recognize. These "apparition" photos occur on any camera Robbert uses (cameras are always set in "auto") and--regardless of the actual ambient light--if a human image appears the flash is never activated. Details>>

Multiple sophisticated laboratory tests (FT-IR, ICP-MS, XRD etc.) concur that the white powder found in some Dutch crop circles (& also inside Robbert's home) is a laboratory-grade, highly refined 99.99% pure hydromagnesite (magnesium carbonate). Details>>

"Crop circles" in snow are reported occasionally but never as large or complex as these two near Hoeven. Fieldworkers saw no sign of human footprints, no marks in the centers in the circular rings -- and close-up photos show the bottom inch or two of snow in the rings is intact. Details>>

Although generally-accepted ideas of what UFOs represent have not played a major role in Robbert's understanding of the crop circle phenomenon, images of what certainly look like UFOs have begun to appear in photographs he takes. This summer, using multiple cameras handed to him by many different people, Robbert photographed a variety of "UFOs."Details>>

For many years Robbert has been capturing increasingly dramatic "light phenomena"(??) anomalies on his photographs. This report presents an extensive overview, representative of the additional thousands in his personal archive. Details>>

Witnesses see Robbert v/d Broeke disappear in front of them as a small glowing red ball of light approaches him. When Robbert re-appears later in a different part of the field, a new crop circle is found where he had been standing originallly-- with a large deposit of white powder in its center. Details>>


On the evening of March 12th Robbert experiences a waking "vision" in which he sees a very large UFO hovering over a nearby field. Multiple metallic-looking "satellites" shoot down to the crop surface, creating a new 3-circle crop formation. Details>>


Events surrounding this young man in Holland increasingly indicate that many so-called "paranormal" occurrences are inter-related with the crop circle phenomenon. This report documents a variety of anomalous effects Robbert is able to exert upon ordinary physical matter and discusses his increasing psychic abilities. Details>>

Robbert van den Broeke observes a "black cloud" down low over a field, and then a "black spiral going down into the ground" just 30 feet in front of him and Nancy (who saw only the spiral). A new crop circle in the form of a "Celtic Cross," was found immediately afterward. Details>>

Nancy Talbott & Robbert v/d Broeke see 3 "tubes" of brilliant white light descend into stringbean field approximately 100 ft. away. A truncated ellipse w/pathways was found immediately afterward, exactly where light-tubes had impacted field. Details>>

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