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Facebook Removes Nancy's FB Page After 2 Important Posts
(added August, 2016)
Video of a Brilliant Light-Ball Making a Small Crop Circle
(added August, 2016)
Notice Regarding Debunking & Skype Hacks, "Impossible"
Equipment Behavior & the "Genverbrander" Event

(added February, 2015)
Light-Balls & Dazzling UFO Make Two Crop Circles
(added September, 2014)
Four Filmmakers Document Robbert v/d Broeke's Anomalous Photos
(added August, 2014)
Debunker Refuses to Attend Nancy's MENSA Crop Circle Lecture
(added August, 2014)
"Psi" Tests with Robbert v/d Broeke
(added May, 2014)
Dutch Medium "Sees" Details of Man-Made Chualar, CA
Crop Circle

(added January, 2014)
Indonesian Insects in Holland in 2010 & Indonesian
Crop Circles in 2011

(added November, 2013)
Video Experiment--Neil Armstrong's Image Appears
(added February, 2014)
Heart Image Sent "Psychically" from U.S. to Holland
(added February, 2014)
2nd Video of Robbert in 2013 Dutch circles (7/31, 8/7 & 8/18)
(added October, 2013)
Blackened Seed-Heads in Circle w/Same Bizarre Shape as UFO
(added October, 2013)
Video of Robbert v/d Broeke in some 2013 Dutch Circles
(added September, 2013)
"UFO Stone" Analysis & Unexplained Holes in Poland
(added April, 2013)
Robbert's Thumbprint Card Available
(added July, 2012)
2012 Overview of Dutch Crop Circle Season, Parts 1-5
(added December, 2012)
(added July, 2012)
"S.O.S." Message from Paul Vigay & David Kingston
to Colin Andrews

(added July, 2012)
Eagle Image Loved by Deceased Boy Appears in Photo
& Symbols of Many Faiths Appear on Good Friday

(added June, 2012)
Time Aberration Documented as Pat Delgado & Dave Chorley
Images Appear (with Video Clip)

(added May, 2012)
Unsolved Mysteries Documents 4 Witnesses to UFOs
Over BLT's XRD Crop Circle Study Field

(added March, 2012)
Robbert van den Broeke Launches New Web-Site
(added March, 2012)
Dutch TV Host a Witness as Robbert Takes Photos of Her Dead
Colleague & Later Clears Her Home of a Distressed Spirit

(added October, 2011)
Dutch Medium "Sees" American Paperboy
Making Virginia Crop Circle

(added June, 2011)
Video Clip of an Eyewitness Report
of a Crop Circle Forming

(added June, 2011)
First 2011 Crop Circle in Holland Associated
with St. Francis of Assisi?

(added April, 2011)
First Scientific Proof of Burned Plants Found
in 2010 Dutch Crop Circle

(added April, 2011)
USA Crop Circle Archives

Robbert v/d Broeke: "Apparition" Photos
Non-Linear/Non-Local Effects?

(added November, 2010)
99.99% Pure Magnesium Carbonate Found in
Dutch Crop Circle

(added July, 2010)
2009 UK Crop Circles Show Evidence of Plasma Exposure
(added April, 2010)
2 Large Snow Formations in Holland
(added January 2010)
Robbert van den Broeke: "UFO" Photos
(added November 2009)
Comments Regarding Simeon Hein's "Crop Circle Seed Germination Test, 2009"
(added October 2009)
2009 Nat. Geo TV Show -- Read why researchers refused to participate
(see Bert Janssen's photos which show deliberate misrepresentation)

(added July 2009)
Aerial Light Event Reported Near Fosston, MN Crop Circles
(added March 2009)
Robbert v/d Broeke: "Light Phenomena" Photographs
(added February 2009)
Two More Interesting Formations in British Colombia
(added August 2008)
Canada Circle in Grasses & Reintroduced Wild Prairie Species
(added July 2008)
MIT Students Fail to Replicate Plant & Soil Changes in Test Crop Circle  
(added February, 2008)
Recent Book By John Burke Called A " Groundbreaking Approach "
by Boston University Geology Professor Robert Schoch. 
(added March, 2007)
Herringbone "Weave" Pattern Found in Ohio Crop Circle
(added July, 2005)

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